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G-Pen Micro Oil Vaporizer Cookies Edition

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Packed weight 0.177 kg
Packed size 18 × 8 × 4.5 cm

Cookies, G-Pen


G-Pen Roam Concentrates Vaporizer Cookies Special Edition

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Packed weight 0.685 kg
Packed size 5.5 × 15 × 19.5 cm

Cookies, G-Pen



Vaporizers, in all their variants, are a relatively new product that is gaining a lot of popularity among CBD and cannabis users. In this category, you will find different oil vaporizers. Specifically, these devices are electronic devices that heat the oils to the boiling point, creating the vapor (hence vaporizer) that contains all the beneficial properties of CBD oils.

Vaporizers are quite discreet in terms of smell and appearance, as they are quite similar to conventional vapes. Also, this form of consumption is the one that takes the most advantage of the terpenes and properties of the different materials.

You may find some of the devices duplicated in the different categories of vaporizers, this is because there are devices that are compatible with different types of materials but there are also those that are completely specialized. It all depends on the user’s preference.

At Simply Green we carry premium brands of vaporizers, these devices should offer the user a pleasurable and long lasting experience, some of the brands you can find in our category of oil vaporizers are:

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