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Hanf Nature Hemp Oil Gentle Soap 100g

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Packed weight0.102 kg
Packed size5 × 8 × 2.5 cm

Hanf Natur

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Hanf Natur

Hanf Natur Sheabutter Hemp Soaps (16pcs/display)

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Packed weight1.686 kg
Packed size17.5 × 22 × 5.5 cm

Hanf Natur

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16 pieces

Hanf Natur

Hanf Nature Hemp Oil Peeling Soap 100g

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Packed weight0.102 kg
Packed size5 × 8 × 2.5 cm

Hanf Natur

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Hanf Natur

Why buy CBD wholesale products?

High demand

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is an active compound found in hemp plants that has been extracted and developed into a range of well-being and lifestyle products including oils and edibles. The popularity of CBD has grown massively in recent years and is big business where you can benefit from selling in-demand products to your customers. Our wholesale range of CBD products allows you to purchase in bulk at the best prices, ensuring you make a profit.

Benefits to customers

CBD itself has become mainstream because of its reported health benefits, such as helping to improve sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, anti-inflammatory properties, and even relieving chronic pain. Unlike THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is non-psychoactive meaning it doesn’t get customers high. Our products contain less than 0.2% THC content, meaning they are recognised as THC free.

As the world starts to understand more about this cannabidiol, don’t miss out securing your spot in the marketplace with our high quality stock.

Our wholesale CBD range

Wholesale CBD oils

We have a huge range of high quality CBD oil products that can be a taken under the tongue or used as a food additive. CBD oils are created by isolating and extracting CBD from the hemp plant, which is then diluted with a carrier oil like hemp seed oil, to make it easy to apply and use.

CBD oils come in a range of strengths and flavours to suit customers preferences. Buy wholesale CBD oil from us and you’re guaranteed the finest ingredients and lab tested products that will help your CBD store grow.

Wholesale CBD edibles

CBD edibles offer huge potential for your CBD business and incredible choice for your customers. You may first think of brownies and cookies, and whilst these are popular, there is so much more to cannabis food. We have hundreds of wholesale edibles ready to buy online including lollipops, teas, chocolates, chewing gum, sweets and drinks. It could open up a whole new market and as these THC free items are delicious, they’re likely to keep people coming back for more!

Wholesale CBD for pets

CBD for pets products are THC free, so they have no psychoactive effect. They are used by owners to help pets relieve stress, fight Glaucoma and reduce inflammation. Our CBD products for pets can be administered through the mouth directly, in water, or by putting them in treats or food. All products come with instructions direct from the manufacturer to ensure safe use.

Wholesale CBD vaping

Vaping is a huge market to get into and our stock of premium vaping devices and CBD e-liquids made from the finest ingredients will help you to be competitive in this space. We sell leading brands such as Kanabo, Happease and Harmony, with a wide variety of satisfying flavours. These e-liquids are some of the best available and if you’re not selling them, what are you waiting for? Vaping is gradually replacing smoking and as consumers turn to more natural solutions like CBD, the market can only grow.

Wholesale CBD cosmetics

CBD creams and lotions, lip balms, shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste are just some of the cosmetics and personal hygiene products that have adapted by the addition of CBD. Everyday household items can now offer customers the added benefits of cannabidiol and let them switch to improve self-care and beauty routines such as skincare. The packaging of these items highlights their quality and makes them easy to sell. Smaller items such as balms are also very affordable and great to put by the checkout to encourage sales.

Wholesale CBD extracts

CBD extracts or CBD pastes come in a crystalline powder or crystal form and are highly potent, concentrated forms of CBD with up to 99% purity. They contain all the goodness of hemp plants and are known as full spectrum CBD, containing a range of diverse flavonoids, cannabinoids and terpenes, without THC. This combination can help users achieve ‘the entourage effect’ where the benefits of CBD are maximised. Due to it’s purity it is easier to dose and can be dissolved on the tongue, mixed with food, added to oils and much more.

Wholesale CBD hash

Buy CBD hash from us in bulk for your customers who can use it in vaping, cooking or even in smoking. CBD hash is a pressed resin made from industrial hemp and typically offers a high concentration of CBD and a strong aroma. THC free, it is a great natural product that manufacturers combine with a variety of flavours to suit everyone’s tastes.

White label CBD for your brand

We offer our customers the opportunity to white label every CBD product that’s available to buy online, meaning you can take these premium, in demand CBD products and resell them under your own company brand. We make this process as easy as possible and are available to discuss minimum orders and processing times.

This CBD white labelling service is ideal for health food shops, CBD stores, online retailers, natural health clinics and a range of other companies. We’re perfectly placed to be your main stockist and offer very fast shipping and excellent customer support. Schedule a consultant meeting with one of our experts to help define your order and planning for the future.

About Simply Green – wholesale CBD supplier

Simply Green is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of premium CBD products. We’re focused on offering only the best wholesale CBD for your business to buy in bulk and resell with high profitability. All of our products are produced with the best possible hygiene measures in place, at the same time as keeping the end users in mind to ensure they’ll be popular sellers once you stock them.

Why choose us?

  • One of the biggest CBD distributors in Europe
  • A huge range of CBD products on offer
  • Experienced and expert team at your service
  • Easy account setup and bulk-buying process
  • Great prices on leading brands
  • Fast delivery and distribution

Over the years we have built a trusted reputation with longstanding and new resellers alike, with great prices on bulk orders and excellent customer service and support. As the CBD industry is seeing huge growth, choose us to give your business that competitive edge.

Get in touch with our distributor team today if you have any questions on buying our wholesale CBD products for your store. We’re experts in everything CBD and will be able to advise your business on the CBD market and which product range and order quantities may be suitable.