CBD Sport Multivitamin Capsules 10mg (60 capsules)

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CBD Sport Multivitamin Capsules 10mg (60 capsules)

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CBD Sport

The Netherlands

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Full Of Essential Nutrients

A cocktail combination of a complete multivitamin formula and premium cannabis found in one pill. Open up your shelves for wholesale CBD Sport Multivitamin Capsules 10mg and watch your customers clear them quickly.

Did you know that researchers have tested and confirmed the incredible benefits of CBD? These multivitamins are a great source of the vital vitamins and minerals required for healthy living. They also serve as a beautiful addition to your clients’ diet, aiding them in their various fitness regimens.

These multivitamin capsules combined with CBD goodness aid the body to function at full power, providing the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to perform vital functions such as iron, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folic acid, and so much more.

Research has shown that these essential compounds support body functions such as maintaining bones and muscles, increasing blood flow, improving healthy hair growth, and keeping our brain, eyes, and nervous system at a peak internal balance.

Perfect For The Athletic And Gym-Loving Clients

Combined with CBD, this product aids to increase and improve your customers’ muscle recovery during workouts, assisting with muscle growth and enhancing stamina in between exercises.

The CBD Sport Multivitamin capsules are believed to also help prevent muscle inflammation, giving your customers relief from pains like sore joints, muscle pains, nerve pains, etc. Your clients can now train for more extended periods, enabling them to crush more challenging fitness goals and aspirations. The CBD present also aids in improving sleeping conditions, giving your clients easy rest, and reducing anxiety and stress levels found heightened in most individuals. This is important because it helps improve focus, whether at the gym or work, or during daily activities.

The presence of these multivitamins and CBD always function to increase energy levels to maintain performance, improve moods and maintain muscle strength.


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CBD Sport

CBD (mg)

10mg CBD

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