Clipper Icy Rainbow Metal Lighters + Giftbox (12pcs/display)

12 pieces
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Icy Lighter Flame!

This clipper icy rainbow lighter from the clipper brand is another hallmark of their commitment to producing, unique, top quality lighters. The design on this lighter is unconventional, and the rainbow colored theme gives it extra points for uniqueness and class. This lighter is lightweight and can be carried from place to place comfortably weighing only 1,160 kg. This rainbow lighter has a vintage and classy look that will often help your customers stand out when using it in public.

Portable and Classy

This offer comes in a package with twelve pieces of these unique lighters, giving you and your customers the option of choice and more value for their money. Our offer pack also comes with a gift box. This gift box addition will help you improve sales of this product. 

Also, this lighter is fueled by refined isobutane to produce flame. Isobutane is known to be safer, and less smelly than the regular butane. And that’s not all, the gas tank is refillable and the refuel can be done anywhere. This is one feature that would be sure to endear your customers to this lighter. 

The icy clipper rainbow lighters we are offering are top-quality products and will move well in the market. Adding our Wholesale Clipper Icy Rainbow Metal Lighters + Giftbox to your sales list will scale your profits. Place an order with us today. 

Data Sheet

Weight 1,160 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 × 15 cm




Pieces per display

12 pieces