Clipper Lighters Nasty Food (24pcs/display)

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Out of stockSold out

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Clipper Lighters Nasty Food (24pcs/display)

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The Fun Feel of Flaming Food Zombies

Clippers Lighters are famous for their long lines of premium portable lighters with different designs and themes to add spice to any mood or occasion. The Clipper Lighters Nasty Food (24pcs/display) is no doubt one of the brand’s standout sets with the lighter’s quirky zombified food arts to give your customers’ sessions or events an added touch of fun. 

These lighters consist of a reusable plastic tank that is made partly from recycled materials, and a flint to light the fuel in the tank. The design isn’t the best thing about these lighters. There are many other features it has that are clamoring for the top spot. One of those is portability. At 0.401kg, these lighters are easy to handle and carry around. 

Another is the fact that the flint doubles as a packing tool for herbs in pipes and bongs. The flint is also very safe and reliable. With one strike, your customers should have a good flame going.  

Product Features

High performance + fun and artistic zombie food design 

Harmless and odorless isobutane flame

Refillable and reusable plastic tank 

The greenest option around

Partly made from recyclable materials

Delightfully lightweight and portable 

Sleek, attractive packaging

The Greenest Option You Can Find

The lighter is fueled by Isobutane, which when compared to the normal butane in regular disposable lighters, is cleaner and has a better smell. Plus, they don’t give off harmful emissions that hurt the planet. 

Speaking of the planet, these lighters are the greenest options around. With every refill your customers make, they prevent the waste that would accumulate from tossing a disposable lighter into the trash. They also save a liter of oil that would have followed the lighter into the trash bin. 

The benefits of our wholesale Clipper Lighters Nasty Food (24 pcs/display) are many, and you can get them from us at low prices. Palace your order today.


Weight 0,401 kg
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 8 cm




Pieces per display

24 pieces



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