Cookies Ziplock Smell Proof Bag Medium (12pcs)

12 pieces
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Preserve the Aroma

Cookies Odor Free Storage Bags are a must-have for anyone that needs to keep their stash safe and discrete. This Ziplock bag features Extreme Double Zipper Seal to seal in the freshness and distinct smell of your customer’s plant. 

Cookies Odor Free Bags are meant to provide the best possible odor and barrier prevention. It’s multiple times thicker and gentler than a conventional bag, with a sturdy locking zipper, so it’ll always keep smells out.

The package is also extremely captivating with its sleek black design. The medium size pack contains twelve pieces of 4″x6″ smell-proof bags. In the long run, wholesale Cookies Ziplock Smell Proof Bag Medium (12pcs) is economical because your customers can reuse them for as long as they desire. 

Cookies Ziplock Smell Proof Bag Special features

This ziplock bag is the best in odor and barrier protection. Designed to be Puncture- and water-resistant, it is reusable and very durable. The Double Zipper Seal ensures that the freshness and odor are locked in within the bags 

Resilient Double locking zippers are 3 times stronger and softer than conventional zippers to ensure that smells are blocked every time. The black bag is hard to see through for discretion. thus your customers can easily carry it in their bags. 

The ziplock is easy to open and close. Your customers will find it quite convenient as they can trust its functionality every time. 

Order wholesale Cookies Ziplock Smell Proof Bag Medium for your store today. Give your customers a trusted way to preserve their herbs.

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