Green Glass Pipe Glow in The Dark 10cm

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Glow In The Dark Pipe

Glass Pipes can be as eccentric and quirky as can be. This is a perk that is hard to be replicated with pipes of different materials. However, these wholesale Green Glass Pipe Glow in The Dark 10cm takes this a bit further. 

Thanks to its special production, the pipe lights up when there is low or no light in the surroundings. This makes it really handy for relaxation and as a good conversation starter. 

Our Glass pipes aim to showcase the exquisite tastes of your customers while still delivering a quality that can’t be paralleled by any other. The green glow-in-the-dark design with the large weed motif in front is classic and will entice any of your customers to buy it. 

Keeping It Lit

The choice of glass in the pipes is understandable. This material is one of the most heat-resistant making it able to keep your customers’ fingers cool while the burning goes on it the pipe. 

Glass can be quite brittle, so durability was a huge consideration in the making of these pipes. The glass is thick and able to withstand the daily wear and tear of usage. This durability still keeps the pipes light, as they have a packed weight of 75 grams which would be even less when unpacked. This means that the customer wouldn’t struggle to carry them around. 

With the smooth draw, the cool design, the ease of cleaning and maintenance, and the heat resistance, our wholesale Green Glass Pipe Glow in The Dark 10cm is a good choice for your store. 

Buy from us today. 

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