Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Green Weed Leaf(12pcs/bag)

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Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Green Weed Leaf(12pcs/bag)

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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Better Replacement For Rubber And Wood

Stock up with wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Green Weed Leaf(12pcs/bag) to help your customers lay hold of the best replacement for their ailing rubber clippers. Do you have customers that have been seeking good substitutes for their rubber or wooden joint clippers? These silicon joint clippers are the best alternate option there is! They have all the advantages rubber and wooden clippers lack and are optimized to eliminate all their disadvantages.  Help them to escape the dangers of wooden clippers as well. Both of which are prone to fire hazards and therefore hampering the smoke experience they imagined.

Aside from being the ideal replacement for non-metallic clippers, these silicon green weed leaf clippers also do well as weed or cannabis holders for people in all social classes. They do not only make good companions of classic photoshoots, they stun in every shot as much as the model does. Your customers in the cannabis marketing industry love a classic gadget such as this.

Good for Business, Great For Customers

Your customers have little to worry about when it comes to cleaning these clippers because their special finishing and coating do not allow smears of a mixture of ash and water to remain on them. They are also easy to clean and preserve, and the value of money is intact on these weed accessories. At simply Green, these silicon green weed leaf holders are at an affordable rate for businesses and customers. No wonder they are doing well on the sales and profit charts of many cannabis stores worldwide. Get these reliable and classy wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Green Weed Leaf(12pcs/bag) for cheaper rates here than on other cannabis accessories merchants.

We do not just make them affordable, we present them in varieties. This is the Green weed leaf variant of the many captivating captions they come in. This item commemorates the beautiful green weed plant leaves, the green plant of life and relaxation. The joy-giving green plant of many countries and cultures. These are the only green plants that can keep a circle of friends together in one location in a mixture of quiet reflective atmospheres and gyration. They make for the best business move, one of which is not captured in many best-selling business-oriented books or the long essays and speeches of business moguls all over the world. With these clippers, the success of your store is inevitable.


Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14 × 3 cm
Pieces per display

12 pieces


Urban Crew

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