Plant of Life Hemp Infusion Tea Bio (20g)

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High-Quality Health Boosting Tea?

Hemp infusion tea is prepared by enriching natural tea with hemp flowers and health oil. The hemp aromas from the tree flowers send a soothing sensation to your customer’s nerves and keep them alert and active.This classic tea is enriched with oil from the hemp tree and essential minerals to keep users alert, and relaxed.

Portable And Rich In Supplements

A pack of hemp infusion tea contains 10 pieces of the beverage, which are easy to move around with. Your customers can pick a piece or two to renew their energy while in their daily activities. The attractive pack of hemp tea oil boosts your customer’s confidence while supplementing their bodies with essential oils and minerals like potassium and magnesium. Purchase wholesale Plant of Life Hemp Infusion Tea Bioand offer all your customers their favorite Hemp tea in easy-to-use bags. The pack and sachet wraps are eco-friendly and easy to dispose of after use.

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THC Free