Cannabis Socks Unisex Purple Short 22cm

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Cannabis Socks Unisex Purple Short 22cm

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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Let Your Customers Feel Royal

Nothing makes your customers feel more royal as they move around than a pair of purple cannabis unisex ankle socks. This inner footwear is perfectly knit from cotton strands intertwined with elastic bands at the ankle to keep them in position while on your customers’ feet. Cannabis lovers won’t want to miss a pair of these classic socks themed with white, green, and red hemp flowers. Your customer base will grow when you add these socks to your cannabis footwear collection. A pack of five pairs can serve customers with medium and large feet well because they stretch. Furthermore, they are never too tight since cotton can withstand stretching, and neither do they sag. A pair of purple unisex socks weighs 38g. Its packed size is 22x9x1cm.

Afford Your Customers the Perfect Way to Gift Their Loved Ones

Each pair of cannabis unisex purple is fitted with a sleeve and a plastic clip for ease of display and distribution. This makes them ideal for gifting their spouses, family members, and friends. Moreover, these socks are easy to display because of the plastic clips hence drawing the attention of more customers. The purple unisex cannabis socks are typical of other designs in the market. Therefore your customers can enjoy the comfort and royalty of every pair and remain discreet. To grow your customer base and enjoy greater profit from hemp footwear sales, buy wholesale cannabis socks unisex purple short 22cm from Simplygreen and watch your sales grow. Our premium discounts will enable you to enjoy a maximum gain, and our guaranteed quality will increase your stock turnover rate. Every customer loves quality at reasonable prices!

Each pack contains five pairs of purple unisex socks themed with hemp flowers.


Weight 0,038 kg
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 1 cm





Urban Crew

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