Saverette – Kingsize GreenGo joint holders 110mm (24pcs/display)

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Saverette - Kingsize GreenGo joint holders 110mm (24pcs/display)

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A Joint Experience Soft and Smooth to the Touch and the Soul

The Saverette – Kingsize GreenGo joint holders 110mm are the perfect way for your customers to hold and store their joints. It features a sliding lid that ensures the joints are easy to remove from the holder and will not burn or be damaged in any way.

This beautiful holder has a very special design with a little extra grip on the bottom of the holder that makes the joint stay in place. The special design allows the user to place the joint at the right angle and they can also see if it’s properly placed in the joint holder.

The Kingsize GreenGo joint holders are made from high-quality silicone, which makes them really thick and durable, as well as soft and smooth to touch. This means it will not break easily even if your customers drop them or put too much weight on them – and can be simply cleaned after use.

Product Features:

Made of high-quality silicone that is heat resistant and will not burn your customer’s hand when they hold it
Designed to fit most joints, pipes and papers up to 110mm length
With this joint holder, your customers can easily change the position of their joints quickly and accurately.
The joint cap holder is designed to keep a tight grip on your customer’s papers and prevent them from falling out or blowing away in the wind
Comes with 24 pieces of joint caps for use
Anti-slip on the bottom to keep the joint holder in place and prevent it from sliding around when the user is working on their project.
Great for travelling with your customers’ favourite joints.
Easy to use and clean, the user just twists it off the cigarette butt, then throw away the cigarette butt into trash can.
Perfect for home, office, car and anywhere else!
100% biodegradable and compostable

Saverette is a revolutionary holder that has been designed for use with either round or square joints, but it also fits perfectly into the standard cigarette boxes. Saverette can be used with any other brand of joint holder too!

These are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their joints fresh and safe at all times. They are also great for keeping vape pen batteries clean and dry!

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Weight 0,193 kg
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 14 cm


Pieces per display

24 pieces





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