Zen Pipe Weed Leaves Metal Pipe (24pcs/display)

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Zen Pipe Weed Leaves Metal Pipe (24pcs/display)

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Metal Pipes For Mental Highs

Metal pipes are some of the most durable cannabis tools in existence. They can withstand many times the stress that would shatter a glass pipe or break a wooden one.
With adequate care, metal pipes can last for a very long time for your customers, maybe even for life. That’s why our wholesale Zen Pipe Weed Leaves Metal Pipe (24pcs/display) is a good choice for your store. Your customers deserve the best, and these pipes are of the best quality. We’ll tell you why.

The Best Highs At The Best Price

The design of these pipes are beautiful and eye-catching. Your customers would be hard-pressed to find better in the market. With the weed leaves engraved on the sides, and the glossy finish, the makers of these pipes put a lot of thought to the looks. There are many colors for your customers to choose from.

The silver pipes would be good for a customer that has no qualms with turning heads, and the black would go well for simple folk.

The functionality of these pipes are also topnotch. Thanks to the metal used, your customers can count on the pipe heating the cannabis or tobacco up quicker than glass or wooden pipes.

Despite the metal used, these pipes are quite light. The entire package of 24 pieces weighs less than a kilogram. This means that carrying a single one of these pipes would not be a problem for your customers.

The advantages of our Zen Pipe Weed Leaves Metal Pipe (24pcs/display) are numerous. Just place your order and wow your customers. You can thank us later.


Weight 0,980 kg
Dimensions 17,5 × 17,5 × 8,5 cm
Pieces per display

24 pieces




Zen Pipe



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