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Kannabia – Kiss (3 seeds pack)

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Packed weight0.015 kg
Packed size8 × 8 × 2 cm
Seeds per pack

3 seeds per pack

Seeds type


CBD (%)

< 0.5% CBD


21.5% THC

Kannabia Seeds


Here’s what you need to know about cannabis seeds:

Cannabis is scientifically called “dioecious,” and generally, the seeds can either be male or female. Only female cannabis seeds produce the actual buds we all love and are familiar with. Also, for reproduction, the female plant has to be pollinated by a male plant, which then allows the female flower to produce the cannabis seeds.

As the seed grows into maturity, the female plant starts to die. This makes the seeds drop to the ground for subsequent germination into cannabis plants to produce the next spring. They can also be harvested and processed into cannabis-related products like seed oil, food products, and the rest, or they can be planted to grow more plants.

These seeds are loaded with great benefits. They are well enriched in Vitamins A, B, D, and E. They also contain fiber and other minerals like zinc, sulfur, and iron, which are all necessary for human health. These are a few amongst several others.

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The three types of cannabis seeds we distribute are:

  • Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds
  • CBD cannabis seeds
  • Feminized cannabis seeds

Our wholesale seeds are well processed and hygienically handled. Hence, you can get the best results from its diversified usage when you employ it for your respective businesses. Explore our fantastic cannabis seed products, and get your business the best that will launch it to the next level.

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