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At Simply Green, we specialise in the manufacturing, wholesaling and distribution of cannabis related products. We have made it our mission to source only the highest quality cannabis products from CBD, seeds, innovative smoking accessories, vaporizers, edibles, smartshop products, terpenes, and much more.

We continuously develop our wide range to bring you the latest, unique upcoming products as well as timeless classics that remain popular among consumers all around the globe.
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Give your business a head start

With the cannabis industry increasing in demand around the world, we provide an extensive line or white label products to give your business that competitive advantage within your chosen niche. These products include CBD, Smoking accessories, seeds, vapes and many additional options. Using these products will allow you to build up your particular brand, without needing to invest heavily in new products or market research.

It works as an ideal option for individuals who are looking to set up a business within the industry, or a business who is looking to build up their product portfolio. We have already developed connections with some of the biggest retail chains in Europe, saving you the time and hard work needed to build them yourself.

Continuous innovation

We are thrilled to be a big part of the European wing of the Cannabis industry. Much like the cannabis industry itself, we are always developing new products and technologies. We aim to help in the development of a sustainable cannabis market that not only provides individuals with leisure and enjoyment, but also medical benefits too.

By completing the research and development for you, you can enjoy reselling each of our carefully selected products to your customers as well as provide us with feedback on what your customers think. The more feedback you provide us with, the more we can tailor our product line to your needs!
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Let's run some numbers

Founded in 2016 by Or Eldan and Gabriel Turner, Simply Green started as a Cannabis smoking shop located in the heart of Amsterdam. Through hard work and passion for their niche, Gabriel and Or helped to effectively understand the needs of cannabis retailers in a market that is growing exponentially around the globe.

Today, the company has grown to become one of the largest B2B cannabis-related distribution companies in the world. We currently have pending ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 distribution certifications as well.

Main Headquarter

Simply Green B.V.
Bolderweg 41A, 1332AZ, Almere, The Netherlands.
+31203636796 – info@simplygreentrade.com
Open monday to friday, 10:00 to 18:00.