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CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is an active compound found in hemp plants that have been extracted and developed into a range of well-being and lifestyle products including oils and edibles. Our wholesale range of CBD products allows you to purchase in bulk at the best prices, ensuring you make a profit.

Some products you can find in our wholesale CBD Items category are:

Wholesale CBD Oils

We have a huge range of high-quality Wholesale CBD oil products. CBD oils come in a range of strengths and aromas to suit customers’ preferences.

Wholesale CBD Edibles

Wholesale CBD edibles offer huge potential for your CBD business and are an incredible choice for your customers. You may first think of brownies and cookies, and whilst these are popular but We have hundreds of wholesale edibles ready to buy online including lollipops, teas, chocolates, chewing gum, sweets, and drinks.

Wholesale CBD/Hemp Cosmetics

Wholesale CBD creams and lotions, lip balms, shampoo, shower gel, and toothpaste are just some cosmetics and personal hygiene products that have been adapted by the addition of CBD. Everyday household items can now offer customers the added benefits of cannabidiol and let them switch to improve self-care and beauty routines such as skincare.

Wholesale CBD for Sport

The benefits of CBD in sport are becoming increasingly visible. Wholesale CBD Repair creams or heat gels are perfect products for your customers, no matter if they are advanced sportsmen or if they just do sports casually. CBD will help them to recover quickly.

Wholesale CBD Extracts

Wholesale CBD extracts contain all the goodness of hemp plants and are known as full-spectrum CBD, containing a range of diverse flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes, without THC. This combination can help users achieve ‘the entourage effect’ where the benefits of CBD are maximized.

Wholesale CBD for pets

Wholesale CBD for pets products are THC free, so they have no psychoactive effect. They are used by owners to help pets relieve stress, fight Glaucoma and reduce inflammation.

Wholesale CBD Vaping

Vaping is a huge market to get into and our stock of premium Wholesale vaping devices and Wholesale CBD e-liquids made from the finest ingredients will help you to be competitive in this space.

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