Champ High Marvellous Aluminium Grinder 4 Parts – 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Champ High Marvellous Aluminium Grinder 4 Parts - 50mm (6pcs/display)

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Champ High’s Famous Marvellous Grinder

The metal champ high grinder marvellous is a medium-sized grinder with a noble appearance. This grinder is trendy and comes in three colors. Six grinder pieces are in a single pack. Each color has two pieces. This product is very portable and lightweight.

This Wholesale Champ High Marvellous Aluminium Grinder is composed of anodized CNC machined aluminum. It comprises four components with a diameter of around 50mm and a grinding mechanism with 16 pointed and sharp diamond-like teeth. A magnetic lock holds the lid and the grinder’s base together. The pollen sieve and grinder base are fitted with the remaining parts.

The sieve layer is higher than typical, allowing for a substantial amount of kief to be collected. The exterior has a slightly different surface roughness than the other pieces, which adds to its appeal. The grinder comes with a pollen scraper for collecting, portioning and processing the finely ground plant waste.

Our Wholesale Champ High Marvellous Aluminium Grinder will be an excellent addition to your brand list. It will show your customers your progressive mindset and commitment to satisfying their needs.

What Distinguishes The Champ High Marvellous Grinder From The Rest?

There is a strong locking magnet in the lid of our Wholesale Champ High Marvellous Aluminium Grinder. The grinder’s triangular teeth look different from standard Diamond or Shark Teeth grinders. The teeth reliably grind tobacco and plants. The lid’s magnet is also incorporated in an extra tooth, which helps maintain even distribution inside the grinding process. The herbs fall through the perforated bottom (28 holes, approx. 4mm) into the chamber below once they have reached a particular degree of fineness. The crushed weed safely landed on a pollen sieve there. Fine resin crystals, pollen dust, and ground-up herb leftovers can then fall or be shaken through the sieve’s metal meshes.

The resulting powder of smokable herbs is collected in the lowest compartment and can be gathered with the pollen scraper for storage or immediate use. This Wholesale Champ High Marvellous Aluminium Grinder is portable and can be carried along on the go

Diameter: approx. 50mm
Height: approx. 55mm
Material: CNC milled aluminum
Available colors: gold, silver, black
Manufacturer: Champ High
Champ High is the manufacturer.
Four layers with pollen sieve, herb chamber, and pollen scraper
16 pointed teeth in diamond tooth quality
Product weight: 0.15 kg


Weight 0,867 kg
Dimensions 12,5 × 18 × 6,5 cm

Champ High



Pieces per display

6 pieces




4 parts


Gold, Black, Silver

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