Clipper Metal Lighters Black Gradient (12pcs/display)

12 pieces
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Black Is The New Black

The Clipper Metal Lighters Black Gradient offers a longer-lasting and more durable casing, a proof of Clipper Lighter’s commitment to providing the best possible lighters by ensuring product reliability and customer safety. The product is easy to be delivered and packed within stores as it weighs 1.160 kg overall with dimensions of 15×21×15 cm per pack of 12 pieces. The metallic material also has a cool, sophisticated appeal that will rapidly pique interest with your store shoppers and increase sales. 

Light Up The Dark

Taking the wholesalers and their esteemed customers into consideration, Clipper developed features that make the experience pleasurable while still prioritizing the safety of the users. These lighters include customer-friendly features to improve your consumers’ experience. Unlike traditional lighters, these lighters have an unusual, but easy-to-use shape that allows for easy handling. Customers will save money by using a refillable and reflintable tank instead of disposable lighters. This tank is made of high-quality nylon that is both heat and break resistant. The flint also doubles as a packing tool.

It’s also 100 percent recyclable, demonstrating Clipper’s unwavering commitment to environmental protection. 

Purchase our wholesale Clipper Metal Lighters Black Gradient today. Our delivery services cover all EU territories, with fast and trackable shipping guaranteed. Let us take your order today. 

Data Sheet

Weight 1,160 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 × 15 cm
Pieces per display

12 pieces