Clipper Gold Metal Lighters + Giftbox (12pcs/display)

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Clipper Gold Metal Lighters + Giftbox (12pcs/display)

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A Lighter to Ignite a Spark of Elegance

The Clipper brand is known for stylish and durable accessories made from top quality materials to ensure premium satisfaction for their customers and  that is what every lighter in this 12 pcs pack offers. Made from natural recycled material and coated with gold, the lighters are a combination of class and environmental conservation. 

Designed for Convenience and Comfort

Each lighter is crafted with a unique removable flint system. Your customers can comfortably remove the flint and pack their fine blend into a roll with the help of the flint wheel before igniting it for a smooth, pleasurable experience. The universal gas feature allows for a refill anywhere with any gas, making it even more convenient. Plus, it uses a small amount of gas when lit, about 0.001g per second.

The best part? Clipper gold metal lighters can last up to six months, and two purchases will serve your clients for a year. It is one of the most economical lighters any user will want to own, because of its value and class. The gold luster doesn’t wear out so soon, making it remain classic always. Also, the pack comes with an attractive gft box.

To offer your customers this invaluable accessory, purchase wholesale Clipper gold metal lighters+ gift box from Simplygreen and enjoy maximum returns. We offer competitive prices and quality to see your business thrive.


Weight 1,160 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 × 15 cm






Pieces per display

12 pieces

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