Clipper Silver Metal Lighters + Giftbox (12pcs/display)

12 pieces
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12 Shiny Lighters in a Classic Display Box

If you want to offer your customers silver shining lighters perfectly displayed in a classic display box, purchase our wholesale clipper silver metal lighters + gift box. Nothing looks more stylish than medium-sized silvery lighters in a sleek gift box. 

Silver lighters from Clipper are designed by experts to make the lighting process simple and classic. The universal gas customized lighters are easily refillable and use a tiny amount of gas per ignition. When the gas gets exhausted, your customers may refill their lighters with any gas due to the universal gas feature of this lighter.

At the bottom, the lighter has a knob for adjusting the flame to users’ preferences. 

Light Enough to Move Around With, and the Gift Box Conceals it

12 pieces weigh 1.160kg with a packed size is 12x21x15cm. The medium size and lightweight nature make the lighter portable. For an enhanced user experience, its straight-edged flint wheel assists with helping your customers pack their fine blend.

The metal casing stays for days without getting tarnished because of its high resistance to wear and tear. It will always remain classic. Every pack contains 12 silver metal lighters per display with a gift box and comes with a certificate of registration to prove authenticity.

Data Sheet

Weight 1,160 kg
Dimensions 15 × 21 × 15 cm






Pieces per display

12 pieces