Colorful Mexican Skulls Glass Pipe

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Colorful Mexican Skulls Glass Pipe

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Weight 0,07 kg
Dimensions 5 × 13 × 4 cm



Urban Crew




Let Your Customers Say “T For Thanks”

The glass pipe merely evolved along with glassmaking technology and the art of glass blowing. They first started being manufactured when processes for glass blowing were being developed, refined, and improved, within the past fifty years. And our wholesale Colorful Mexican Skulls Glass Pipe is one of the highest quality borosilicate glass pipes. This big pipe is 13cm in length and has an air hole, mouthpiece, and a bowl. These glass smoking pipe parts have been painstakingly created, making each one substantial, thick, and long-lasting, setting them apart from the competition. Small enough to be carried easily by one person while still being large enough to ensure a pleasant experience. Give your tobacco the gorgeous glass pipe made by an artisan that it so richly deserves.

With A Unique And Colorful Design!

Hand blown to give your customers the best aesthetic appearance, our wholesale Colorful Mexican Skulls Glass Pipe sits at 13 centimeters in length from the mouthpiece to the base. The glass pipe features a swirl of colorfully decorated skulls and is a great addition to any collection due to its unique style. Our handmade wholesale Colorful Mexican Skulls Glass Pipe is crafted using the finest borosilicate glass for the highest quality results. These beautiful pipes with attractive art are a must-have for all your customers out there looking to add a little bit of color to their setup

Add these Colorful Mexican Skulls Glass Pipes to your cart and give your customers a great gift idea for themselves and their friends.

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