DaVinci IQ2 Herb and Extract Vaporizer Black

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A Vaporiser With Superior Design And Functionality

On the hunt for a portable vaporizer with the latest technology for vaping both herbs and concentrates? Buy the DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer and watch your customers flood your store with positive reviews from this fantastic product. And referrals too! The wholesale DaVinci IQ2 Herb and Extract Vaporizer Black is an easy-to-use device with maximal features for all vaping enthusiasts. Whether your customer is a newbie or vaping pro, this vaporizer is sure to give that excellent experience that definitely leaves a nod of approval from everyone.This portable vaporizer is not just a treat for the eyes. It also packs advanced technological features such as Dosage Control, an Air Dial system that allows users to adjust their airflow, and exciting smoking modes that give precise temperature controls to users.With the dosage control feature, your customers can now control how much vapor they take in. This is important for users interested in getting consistent results every vaping session. In a few easy steps, your clients can input the strain potency and the amount of herb or extract present and watch the DaVinci Vaporizer automatically track and report the amount of dose taken per draw or session.

Ready To Deliver Exotic Flavours Anywhere

The DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer is designed to produce exotic flavors from different strains of herbs and concentrates. The superior craftsmanship lines the heating chamber up with glass and zirconia, making sure the herb and extracts are heated up in an environment that allows the production of high-grade vapor smoke for the best experience. Packed with a 3000mAh battery, your customers can enjoy lasting vaping sessions, enjoying a premium experience anywhere they may be. The batteries are also removable, so your customers can easily change them for longer sessions.Order our wholesale DaVinci IQ2 Herb and Extract Vaporizer Black at affordable prices.WARNINGIMPORTANT: BATTERY SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS

  • Charge the battery with a good-quality and dedicated charger. Never use a charger with a voltage/current rating higher than 5V/1A.
  • When not in use, your battery should be kept away from heat, and stored in a non-conductive box/case. Never carry the battery lose in your pocket with other metal objects.
  • Only use original batteries, not clones, copies, or other batteries.
  • Do not use damaged batteries in your vaporizer. Even a small tear or loose wrapping can be dangerous.

Failure to follow these instructions may result in severe or permanent damage to the battery, cause serious personal injury, or lead to a fire. Misuse, abuse, incorrect charging, failure to comply with the above warnings and guidelines, and other inappropriate use of this product are not covered under warranty. Please comply with local recycling regulations for battery disposal.

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