Happease Focus 20% CBD Oil Jungle Spirit (10ml)

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Happease Focus 20% CBD Oil Jungle Spirit (10ml)

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Czech Republic

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A Sensational Oil Rich In Flavor

This cannabidiol-enriched product from Happease has the sensational flavor and invigorating benefit to keep your customers alert, motivated, and stress-free. Yes, that is right. According to different researches, CBD can potentially benefit your customer increasing a better mood. me Characterized by a sharp sweet pine aroma, the oil gives users a whole new and unique experience with the super beneficial CBD. This flavourful oil is made from natural MCT oil mixed with hemp juice from organic hemp trees and terpenes. The terpenes are derived from banana kush hybrid and enriched with extracts from Sativa and Indica for an overall sweet aroma. The oil offers a unique taste to taste buds and optimal relaxation to muscles. The anxiety-relieving CBD content invigorates the mind and body for another productive anxiety-free day for your customers.

A CBD Oil Made From Purely Natural Ingredients

Happease sources all its ingredients from organic trees. The hemp juice is derived from organically grown hemp trees. The trees draw their nutrients from the soil and grow to offer purely natural extracts. No chemical growth boosters and herbicides are added to the hemp fields, and this results in extracts free of harmful chemicals.

During extraction, carbon dioxide extraction is applied without the use of solvents, and therefore the nutritional value of extracts is not altered or diluted. An Irresistible Taste and Fantastic Experience in Every DropHappease runs every ingredient through laboratory tests to establish their composition before blending them. The end products are authentic, quality, and packed full of CBD nutrients.

Packed in an amber bottle, the liquid is easy to administer using a dropper in the cap. The calm and positive emotions that come with it are irresistible. Each Milliliter of this oil contains about 2000mg of CBD. A single drop is enough to keep your customers invigorated throughout the day. Its high cannabidiol content and convenience make it popular among customers.
The attractive pack with a catchy bold label draws customers’ attention. The small size of the pack makes it portable and its ease of use makes it convenient for customers.

The mind refreshing effect from terpenes as blood flow through the brain leaves users alert. Add wholesale Happease Focus 20% CBD Oil Jungle Spirit to your CBD products and offer your customers a chance to have a new experience with every drop.

20% CBD
Hemp extracts from organic hemp trees
MCT oil


Weight 0,044 kg
Dimensions 2,5 × 2,5 × 9 cm


CBD (%)

20% CBD

Content (ml)


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