Happease Relax 30% CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise (10ml)

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Happease Relax 30% CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise (10ml)

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Weight 0,044 kg
Dimensions 2,5 × 2,5 × 9 cm


CBD (%)

30% CBD

Content (ml)



Happease Relax CBD Oil

A tight schedule shrinking the hopes of a holiday to the beaches and its consistent glamorous sun kissing mornings is not a problem for a Happease Relax. With the whole world seemingly warring against rest, an escape plan for rest is inevitable. A wholesale Happease Relax CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise is a long-time option that produces better results than all other rest methods

Wholesale Happease Relax CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise comes in different concentrations with the same effect for your customers. A higher percentage like this denies the body of all attempts to reduce the period of experience of the heavenly bliss within the Happease Relax CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise magic bottles!

This higher percentage cannabidiol oil extract is the ‘solution of a lifetime’! Like other concentrations, it can project astronomically to any beach of choice, but with greater potency and more extended stay. The only ingredient for the experience of the heavenly taste of relaxation is a drop of the wholesale Happease Relax CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise package.

This oil is everything needed for your customers to experience the heavenly taste of relaxation. Every drop of the Wholesale Happease Relax 30% CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise contains the best lifetime holiday experience. The oil can holographically project the Republic of Cyprus for self-pleasure of her beaches. It can help to visualize all the fun desires of the heart.

Wholesale Happease Relax CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise is the helpful magical portion for the great escape from all the chaos of civilization and industrialization to a more remote and serene location. The oil projects beyond the orbiting moon, before the biggest star in the solar system.

Happease Relax

Hologram With The Desire Of The Present!

Every drop of this wholesale Happease Relax CBD Oil Tropical Sunrise contains a peak level exposure tendency to the best holiday. The oil can produce a vivid holographic interaction with the desires of the present. It is also helpful to aid the satisfying visual experience of the individual definitions of fun and relaxation.


MTC coconut oil, terpenes, 100% hemp extract. 30% CBD. Less than 0.2%THC. No VG, PG, and nicotine

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