Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Charmander (12pcs/bag)

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Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Charmander (12pcs/bag)

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Urban Crew

The Netherlands

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Best Silicon Clipper

These wholesale Metal Silicone Joint Clipper Charmander (12pcs/bag) is designed for Large inch Wood dugouts One Hiiter comes with Spring Loaded pipe. About this silicone, the clipper Charmander has got inner ring diameter of 0,63 and an inner ring perimeter of 2.1. Using a cigarette clipper has an advantage for your customers, it can prevent the weed from changing the color of their fingers during long periods of smoking. So this is the best idea for a gift! the regulating bead is used to adjust the cigarette bracket part clamping degree, you do not need to adjust the regulating bead to the top, holding the cigarette is okay. Considering the hotter burn of cannabis, that goes double for when you are smoking a joint instead of a cigarette. The length of the holder mellows your hit while keeping ash off your Dior and smoke out of your eyes. Charmander is a small, bipedal, Pokémon.

Long-Lasting Clipper

Metal silicone is used because it is 100% silicone, and 100% waterproof. It also is permanently flexible, shrink, and crack-proof. The Charmander cannot lose color so that is another reason why we use Metal Silicone, in simple words, it is not discolored. Most high-end metal finishes like chrome, bronze & nickel. In case your customers get rained on, it is 30-minute rain-ready. Get this, your customers do not have to worry about where they place it because it adheres to non-porous materials & wet or dry surfaces. The flexibility and durability are what make it unique. Metal is used because it is durable, heat resistant, and can withhold excess consumption by the consumer. It is also considered one of the strongest clipper-making components. It is basically a lifetime guarantee.

Surprisingly, as much as it is charming to your customers’ boys, A metal silicon joint clipper Charmander is also used by adults in the same way. Besides all that, it is completely compatible because of its size and features. It is pocket, purse, and handbag friendly as it is. Why hold the cigars or joint by hand which can end up with your customers having smell hands and dark nails when your customers can hold it by the clipper. Dinosaurs’ figure adds a sense of modernization. Our clippers ensure your customers keep their dignity and neatness at the same time whilst enjoying their best. It brings great satisfaction as our products can assist in keeping your customers cliental base line wide.


Weight 0,11 kg
Dimensions 5 × 14 × 3 cm
Pieces per display

12 pieces


Urban Crew

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