Mister Maka – Salvia – 1g – 20x

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Mister Maka - Salvia - 1g - 20x

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Transformative Mind-Altering Salvia Experiences

Salvia 20x an extract from the famous Salvia leaves has a reputation for its potential mind-altering effects. Some describe these effects as psychedelic, derived from the Salvinorium A and B compounds contained in the leaves of Salvia.

Among other mind-blowing experiences, Mister Maka Salvia 20x triggers slow recalls of events that occurred in childhood and creates a beautiful state of constant reflection, which believers say has the potential to improve memory. Lovers of the Salvia experience will be more than grateful to find the 20x variant on your shelves.

Get this product into your stores today, and purchase our wholesale Mister Maka – Salvia – 1g – 20x at our premium wholesale prices.

The Salvia 20x Brings More

The Mista Maka Salvia 20x is one of the many variants of the Salvia product, resulting from different doses. The 20x is a bit more concentrated, offering significantly more intense mind-altering experiences, and so is ideal for the more experienced consumer.wholesale Mister Maka – Salvia – 1g – 20x

Each pack on display contains 1g of the Salvia 20x for the pleasure and satisfaction of your customers. Shop with us today!



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Mister Maka

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