Monkey King Jilter Pro Stoners Filters 1000 Pieces

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Monkey King Jilter Pro Stoners Filters 1000 Pieces

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Smoothness For The Most Fulfilling Draws

Taking a drag off a cannabis blunt is one of the most enjoyable experiences one can have. However, by giving filters for your clients, you make it even better for them. Once they’ve used a filter, they’re unlikely to go without it again. Filters have numerous advantages. They filter the smoke coming out of the blunt to keep out some of the dangerous tar, as their name implies. This makes the smoke cleaner and less harmful to the user.

Their durable materials also make the blunt more durable and easier to handle without breaking. So a filter can be the solution to your customer’s problem of having a blunt fall apart at their touch.

They also keep the cannabis from getting into the user’s mouth while they are taking a draw. Yes, we all love weed, but only when the buds burn in the blunt and away from our mouths. All these advantages make filters very important for an enhanced smoking experience, but our wholesale Monkey Jilter 1000 takes it a few steps further.

Monkey Jilter For The Best Filter

These filters offer the best quality out of everything else you can find in the market. They are made to give the best feeling and drags when used in both blunts and joints. Each pack contains about 1000 pcs of filter which would last your customers for a really long time. The product weights 0.20 kg, which is as lightweight as they come. So, this is the best pack for your reselling business. With a few packs, you have more than enough to keep your customers occupied for a few days. And we’re sure it won’t be much longer than a few days, because your customers would really love this product.

One of the last things a smoker would want is pieces of cannabis or whatever herb they are smoking finding their way into their mouths. This is the perfect solution to that problem.

Our monkey jilter 1000 is made of strong tough materials that prevent weed entrance into the mouth during the smoking process. Thanks to that your customers can expect clean, uninterrupted smoking time. These filters can work will all methods of smoking, but would be best with rolling papers or blunts.

Using these filters would also ensure that your customers finish their roll. No more leaving roaches and joint ends because of the heat. With this filters, your customers lips get an added insulation from the heat of the blunt, so increased smoking time is assured. Plus, they get to finish the weed in the roll, which saved money and gives a bigger high per roll.

We haven’t talked about how smooth the drag with one of our filters is, but we assure you that there aren’t enough words. Your customers would just have to taste it for themselves to see. However, we do advise you to buy in sizeable amounts because your customers might come running back for more.

With all these features, you can see why our product is one of the best filter tips you can spend your money on in the market. Just place your order and we’ll get it delivered to you.


Weight 0,071 kg
Dimensions 6,5 × 8 × 17 cm

Monkey King

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