Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Purple Pot (50g)

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Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Purple Pot (50g)

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wholesale Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Krispy Pearl
wholesale Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Super Krunch

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Innovative Weed Shaped Design

No need to panic; it’s just regular old chocolate. Well, not really. Our wholesale Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Purple Pot (50g) is one of the most popular and innovative chocolate products. Straight from the master chocolatiers in the growing Cannabis capital of Barcelona, this cannabis-shaped chocolate is one of the tastiest combinations of ingredients.

  • Product Highlights
  • Zero artificial coloring
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Hand shaped
  • No added sugar
  • Crafted using premium certified UTZ chocolate
  • It may contain traces of peanut.

The Purple Pot is an exotic blend of the smoothest white chocolate, matcha tea, puffed rice, and freshly grated coconut. Despite the weed-like shape and color, our chocolates are all about quality. Shaped by hand, each of the chocolates in the bag has a unique shape, adding to the authenticity of this remarkable product. OGeez Cannabis Shaped Chocolates are crafted using certified UTZ chocolate. This is one of the most popular products from this brand, and you can guess why. If you are looking for a unique product to surprise your wide range of customers, this premium chocolate will do the trick. It will have your customers’ eyes glued to your inventory to see what comes next. The manufacturers at Ogeez understand that handling cocoa brings great responsibility. This chocolate not only benefits your customers, but it benefits the farmers and villages where its harvested from. You can, therefore, rest assured that you are selling a sustainably sourced product that meets international standards of safety and quality.

Purple Pot

This chocolate is a fruity, pungent combination of puffed rice, white chocolate, and blueberries. OGeez buds are all about quality. Each piece is carefully shaped by hand in Spain’s chocolate country. Please note that this product may contain nuts. More than just a prank, our top-tier chocolates contain the best ingredients carefully blended to deliver an impressive product with an unbeatable flavor and consistency. This is the perfect offering for your Gen Z customers. Thinking of something to offer your loyal customers on April Fools? This one right here will do the trick. Fortunately, this product does not contain THC, so there are no psychoactive effects to talk off. Saying no to this chocolate will take a lot of effort. Fortunately, your customers won’t really have a reason to decline this superior quality edible. The tasty flavors of this product can be


Weight 0,088 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 15 cm



THC Free

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