Ogeez Fruit Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free (3x50g)

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Out of stockSold out

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Ogeez Fruit Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free (3x50g)

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wholesale Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Krispy Pearl
wholesale Ogeez 1-Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free Super Krunch

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Chocolate Sweets Without Cannabis Hits

Can chocolates be made to look like cannabis buds? If you have ever asked this terribly specific question that we doubt anyone has asked, then your answer is right here. Thanks to the efforts of Ogeez, we have our wholesale Ogeez Fruit Pack Cannabis Shaped Chocolate THC Free (3x50g) in stock, and we’re sure your store would benefit from stocking up on them with us. Thanks to their absolute loveliness, it’s difficult to find someone who dislikes chocolates. Cannabis lovers also don’t have to be asked whether they’d love this, because they are sure to. This product would be a good fit for your store as it would attract almost every customer. The design of this product is great, seeing that it is simple and eye-catching. It is easy to dismiss them as cannabis buds, but once they are known to be chocolate, the customer’s attention is already peaked.

However, the design, while great, is not the only advantage of this product.

Fruity Goodness in A Cannabis Bud Package.

One of those advantages is the variety. This product is made from white chocolate, Hempseeds, and some other ingredients, but the difference between the fruit pack and the rest is the extra ingredients; Fruit flavors. There are three fruit flavors developed by Ogeez. These are Coco Bud, Purple Pot, and Sunrise Dream. These flavors are mind-blowing and simply make the experience of eating cannabis-shaped chocolate out of this world. With this pack, all the flavors are represented. Your customers get one of each to do with as they like. While these flavors may draw more attention, there are a few less popular ingredients in these chocolates that have many benefits to the body. Some of them include white chocolate, Matcha tea, and Hempseed.


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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7 cm



THC Free

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