Saverette – Kingsize Amsterdam designs joint holders 110mm (24pcs/display)

24 pieces
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Style and Elegance Meet Strength and Functionality

The Saverette – Kingsize Amsterdam designs joint holders 110mm is a smart and easy way for your customers to hold and store their joints. This beautiful, practical and stylish joint holder will save your customers from losing their joints when they’re cleaning up. The design of the joint holder is modern and simple. It is based on an old Dutch tradition, where people used to hang their joints on a string. This way they won’t get damaged by moisture or mould.

The Saverette joint holder is made from high-quality stainless steel and has been tested by experts to make sure that it meets all the rules and regulations regarding safety, which makes it very durable. The design is simple but very elegant. The joints can be easily inserted into the holder and removed again by means of an opening at the top of the holder. A hole in the bottom allows air to flow through so that vapour does not get stuck in the holder.

Product Features:

Made of high-quality stainless steel material, durable, safe and practical.
With a comfortable hand feeling and non-slip design, easy to carry and use.
Unique design and elegant look
Convenient and easy to use, your customers simply need to insert the joint into the holder and they can easily put it on their pipe.
24 pieces in display box
110mm x 110mm x 60mm, heavy-duty cardboard construction

The Saverette – Kingsize Amsterdam Designs Joint Holder Is Super Easy To Use

Your customers just need to put their thumb over the top of their joints and turn them around so that they are facing up. Then they can place them on the holder and it will hold them in place while not in use or when they want to store their joint safely. The joints are kept in place by a convenient ring that can be placed on the table or floor.

In addition to the 24 joint holders, this display contains an extra set of 24 stoppers that help to prevent the joints from rolling away while in use. The joint holder has a diameter of 110 millimetres, which makes it suitable for all types of joints and for both indoor and outdoor use!

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24 pieces