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All You Need To Know About CBD Skincare Wholesale

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Xiong Attwool

Data Strategist at Simply Green


CBD skincare products are becoming more and more popular in today’s market. Large retailers are starting to offer these products, influencers and celebrities are giving their point of view on the products and their benefits, and in general, the benefits of CBD skincare are becoming more and more widespread.But do you really need CBD skincare products in your shop? What are the benefits and why is the market growing so fast?

At Simply Green we have been specialists in wholesale CBD products for many years. We love to help our customers maximize their products and take advantage of all market opportunities. CBD skincare wholesale products is one of our biggest categories.

Continue reading and we will explain everything you need to know about the CBD skincare products.

Why is the market growing so fast?

The CBD market in general is growing explosively over the last few years and its benefits are being tested and confirmed.

At the same time, the skincare movement is also having a big momentum. Skincare is the care of the skin through the use of different types of skincare products specific to each need. Nowadays the skin is exposed to many external agents such as pollution or climate change and society has discovered in skincare routines a way to compensate for these effects as well as to nourish and vitaminize the skin.

CBD Skincare Wholesale
In addition to the growth of both markets, in February 2021 European legislation was updated to clarify the position of CBD in skincare products. Since this update, CBD (Cannabidiol) has been registered in the CosIng database as a legal cosmetic ingredient in all member states.

But what are its benefits and why is it growing so strongly?

CBD Skincare Benefits

Taking care of skin is very common for both men and women, whether it’s to help with aging in reducing wrinkles, treating a condition like eczema, or simply to reduce dryness or combat the external agents. CBD being a natural ingredient is a big selling point for beauty products as the general public becomes more and more aware of its benefits.

CBD skincare wholesale products have great potential and it is important that retailers are prepared.

Some of the reasons why customers are choosing CBD Skincare products are:

Daily routine

Daily skincare routines are composed of different products that provide the face with protection, radiance or hydration, among others. CBD products offer a great moisturising capacity for the skin and have the ability to regulate the skin’s oil production, reducing excess sebum.

Some interesting products to offer in your shop for customers interested in daily skin care routines are moisturizing hemp balms, eye contours, or oil serums.

cbd skincare wholesale

Treatment of skin conditions

CBD products not only serve to provide nutrients to the skin, they are also potent anti-inflammatory products with great properties to control and treat skin conditions such as acne or psoriasis thanks to their ability to regulate skin oil.

If you want to offer your customers natural solutions for skin conditions, some examples of products are CBD psoriasis creams, CBD Eczema creams or CBD anti-Acne creams.

Anti-aging properties

Many hemp and CBD cosmetics also contain a number of additional compounds, cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals designed to maximize their rejuvenating effects.

CBD helps to improve the elasticity of the skin as well as to regenerate cells, as the skin becomes tighter over the years. With products like CBD Collagen creams, CBD Hyaluron creams or CBD lip care treatment your clients will have a naturally rejuvenated skin.

CBD can also help to combat the effects of stress on the skin, thanks to its adaptogenic abilities.


In addition to its acne-treating capabilities, CBD is generally a product with anti-inflammatory qualities, so it helps with inflammation, redness and pain in cases of rosacea or blemishes. These can help with common skin conditions, making CBD skincare items particularly useful for customers.
All you need to know about CBD Skincare

Hemp skincare

Whilst they contain no CBD, our natural hemp oil products are rich in Omega acids 3, 6, and 9 – proven to enrich, nourish and moisturize the skin without clogging pores. Hemp massage gel and lotions are a very good option for those who want extra moisture.

A product for everyone

CBD is now a key ingredient in a wide variety of everyday cosmetic and skincare items, from anti-aging serums and firming moisturizers to soothing lip balms. Broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD options are available in varying CBD strengths, as well as CBD-free items.

When choosing CBD Skincare products for your store it is important to prioritize the quality of these products, we will be happy to help you with all the questions related to the CBD sector.

All you need to know about CBD Skincare

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