Does CBD Oil Expire?
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Does CBD Oil Expire? A Note on Shelf Life

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Shelf-life is an unusual thing. While it’s easy to assume that best-before dates are simply a way to ensure that a product is sold at its freshest (and disposed of before it goes bad), this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the expiry date is for the container, not what’s inside. Join us in solving the question “Does CBD Oil Expire?”

In general, CBD-based items last up to two years in the original, sealed packaging. However, the key to expiry dates lies in the carrier oil, which serves as the base for each and every CBD product. This can be as simple as olive oil.

Carrier Oils and Extraction Methods

Carrier oils have a shelf life that ranges from six to 24 months, after which, they start to break down. Along with the CBD compounds themselves, this duration is used to inform the expiry date of any particular product. Try to find out how the CBD compounds were extracted from the plant. The use of carbon dioxide-based methods tends to produce stronger, much higher quality oils that survive for longer periods.

There’s a problem, though. Shelf-life can change. There are a hundred different ways that a product’s expiry date can be reinforced or influenced, which can make expiry dates seem like a guessing game. For bulk buyers, storage is one of the most important considerations of any CBD operation.

Manufacturers use medical-grade glass for packaging CBD oil but high temperatures and bright lights, such as from the sun, can dramatically shorten the life of any product. Take care to protect oils from bacteria, which may begin growing in the dropper if it touches human skin or saliva. Bottles should be air-tight and made from dark glass.

Does CBD Oil Expire?

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Use-by Dates

Oddly enough, CBD oil does not need refrigerating. In fact, placing items in the fridge may produce some undesirable effects, including thickening of the oil. A cool, dry place that’s no warmer than 21°C (69.8°F) is all that’s required to keep CBD oil in good condition.

For the vast majority of people who use or store CBD products, the best-before or use-by date will inform all your decision-making and help prevent over and under-stocking. Note that, in some parts of the world, these two terms mean two different things. As a quick primer, a best-before date means very little as far as safety and quality are concerned. It describes a tipping point when things (slowly) start to go off. Use-by dates are a much more critical warning.

So, to answer the question – does CBD oil expire? Yes – but not for a long time.

Does CBD Oil Expire?

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