Cannabis Chewing Gum

Wholesale Cannabis Chewing Gum

Simply Green stocks a fantastic range of wholesale cannabis chewing gum in a selection of flavors, each containing a varying amount of CBD. With so many premium products to choose from you can easily increase your CBD edibles range and secure your store’s position within this rapidly expanding market.

Eye-catching display boxes

The eye-catching Wholesale  CBD chewing gum display boxes are sure to tempt customers, and the range of choice will keep them coming back for more. They make an excellent display piece, and when placed near the register or till area they’re the perfect low-cost impulse buy. With fantastic profit margins and long shelf lives of up to 24 months, they’re a safe bet for resellers of cannabis and CBD edibles.

THC free CBD products

As with all of our cannabis foods, our range of premium CBD chewing gum is completely THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) free. That means that all cannabis and CBD edibles are 100% legal throughout Europe and can be enjoyed by customers anywhere, at any time.

The CBD chewing gums are available in 10mg and 17mg concentrations. As they contain less than 0.2% THC they are non-psychoactive, so customers are able to benefit from the health and wellbeing properties of CBD without the ‘high’ typically associated with marijuana.

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