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Introducing Integra Boost ® – The smartest humidity control solution for Cannabis

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As a cannabis-related product retailer, probably you know that proper humidity control is essential for the quality of the products. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Integra Boost ®, the smartest humidity control solution on the market! Integra Boost ® has been developed for cannabis products and tobacco among others, and their products are available now through Simply Green Platform.

We know that some products need more knowledge than others when it comes to selling and presenting them to the final customer. In Simply Green, we want to make things easy for you, that’s why in this article you will find all the information about Integra Boost ® products and their correct use.

Integra Boost ® products are developed to control the humidity level, these products can be used on cannabis, tobacco, or even food in order to keep them fresh.

All Integra Boost ® products are FDA-compliant, tear resistant, biodegradable, non-toxic, and salt-free. So your customers can rest assured that Integra Boost ® products will not alter the taste of their products, even the ink used in the bags is food-grade.

Integra Boost ® Products

You can find two main categories of Integra Boost ® products in Simply Green Platform: “BOOST® 2-WAY HUMIDIFICATION” and “BOOST® TERPENE ESSENTIALS“. Let’s see the differences and how to correctly use them.

Integra Boost wholesale

If you’re wondering what’s inside these tiny bags, we have the answer for you: the main ingredient is glycerin. This component is natural, derived from plant-based extract, and non-chemical.

The main difference between Integra Boost® products and other types of control humidity products, it’s the “Zero” component. Integra Boost ® products emit ZERO chemical vapours, ZERO effects on scents, and ZERO loss of flavours.

Cannabis consumers are well aware that humidity has an impact on their stash; they’re just not sure how. Relative humidity, or RH, is the amount of moisture in the air compared to the amount of moisture the air can physically hold at a particular temperature. It may have an effect on everything from a toke’s smoothness to cannabis’ effectiveness as a therapy for a specific medical condition.

Maintaining the perfect RH is a difficult task that has real-world impacts for both recreational and medical cannabis consumers. Here is where Integra Boost ® products come into action.

There are different ways to keep cannabis from losing weight, potency, and cannabinoids. Users can do this by keeping the cannabis at a humidity level of 59% to 63%. However, some people prefer a drier environment with an RH of 54%. It all depends on your customer’s personal preferences and how long they plan to keep the cannabis.


Integra Boost® 2-way Humidification products are available for wholesale in our platform in two different percentages, 55%, and 62% RH.

If your customers want to keep their cannabis from drying out or molding, they can use the 62% RH packets. As it slowly cures, they can move to the 55% RH packets to further dry their product. The Integra Boost® packets come with replacement indicators which will show when it’s necessary to replace them. It’s not needed a hygrometer to measure the RH and the packets can be used for weeks or months depending on the climate and the moisture of the buds placed in the curing containers.

Basically, Integra BOOST® products will absorb excess moisture when humidity is too high and release it again when RH is too low.

How to use Boost® packs

  1. Remove the Integra Boost® packet from its transparent covering and put it in an enclosed area with the contents to be preserved and protected.
  2. Put the Replacement Indicator Card in the same container or enclosed area and seal it.
  3. Integra Boost ® will help to keep the humidity inside the container at the level that is written on the packet.
  4. When the dot on the Replacement Indicator Card turns bright blue, it will be time to replace the packet.

integra boost 1Your customers can use more than one pack at a time, or even a bigger pack than necessary, Integra’s technology will make sure the moisture in the space is balanced. They can also use this technique to add moisture to the product faster.

If a customer asks you how many Boost® packs should use, your first question must be related to the amount of content that the user needs to preserve. Based on Integra’s guidelines, you can recommend:

  • < 14gr of content = 4 gram Boost® pack
  • 14-28gr of content = 8 gram Boost® pack
  • up to 500gr of content = 67 gram Boost® pack
  • up to 2 kg of content = 320 gram Boost® pack
  • Up to 2.7 kg of content = 420 gram Boost® pack

Boost® packs can be mixed, and it’s usually preferable to use a larger size pack. Even if the user uses more Boost® packs or larger sizes than required, Integra’s smart 2-way humidification technology responds appropriately to maintain equilibrium.

If the user keeps opening and closing the container where the Boost bag is, the bag will need to use more of its content to adjust to the changing levels of moisture. For example, in a container of rice that is opened once a week, the pack will need to be replaced more often than if it’s in an area the user doesn’t access as often, like a cigar case that is only opened on special occasions.

Each Boost® is wrapped individually to prevent it from activating prematurely. If it is kept wrapped, the shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

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Terpenes are compounds that give plants their distinctive aromas and flavors. Integra Boost® uses botanical sources for their terpenes, so they are standardized for potency and food-grade safe. And their Safe Terpene Certification means that the terpenes are tested using advanced analytical methods to ensure they do not contain heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, or mycotoxins.

The Boost Terpene Essentials line includes some of the most popular isolates found in the cannabis industry. These include linalool, limonene, myrcene, humulene, beta-caryophyllene, pinene, and terpinolene.

Integra Terpenes Wholesale

Integra Boost ® is still using its trusted salt-free, non-toxic, plant-based humidity control formula. But they have also added botanically sourced terpenes to the packs. So now your customers can infuse their herbals with the distinct aromas and flavours of their favourite terpene.

When installed in any sealed container, the pack will maintain a perfect relative humidity (RH) level by automatically adding or absorbing moisture. It will infuse terpenes to create a specific flavour and effect which is tailored to whatever’s inside your container. The purpose of these packs is to add flavour and sensory enhancements to herbal products, as well as to regulate humidity.

INTEGRA NO-OX® packaging protects the product, removing the oxygen helps keep the terpenes fresh and stable. It also helps to keep the product potent.

Integra No-Ox is an oxygen absorber that is used in the original packaging of every Boost Terpene Essentials product. No-Ox stops working as soon as it is exposed to oxygen, so please throw away the No-Ox pack after opening the original packaging.

How to use Boost® Terpene Essentials

To use the Boost® Terpene Essentials, first, take it out of the clear outer wrapper. Then, place your cannabis and the Integra Boost ® Terpene Essentials pack in an airtight container and seal it. The process of the initial terpene infusion happens over 24 to 72 hours. After infusing for up to 72 hours, replace with a classic Boost® pack in 55 RH or 62 RH to preserve the infused flavor and freshness long-term. Make sure to store your Boost® Terpene Essentials pack in a sealed container or its original pouch when you’re finished using it so that you can reuse it once more up to 3 times.

Integra Boost® packs with terpene essences will change the smell and taste of the product. This is normal and expected – the product is absorbing/infusing with the terpenes.

Again the size needed depends on the amount of content to preserve, based on Integra’s guidelines, you can recommend:

  • 4gr packs work up to 14g of content
  • 67gr packs work up to 453gr of content

Integra terpenes is a Certified Safe Terpene. Integra Boost ® keeps their terpenes free of any harmful contaminants and they test them with a 17025 accredited lab to ensure that the concentration is reliable.

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All about Integra

Integra understands it is important to maintain the freshness of cannabis, tobacco products, and household items, that’s why they have developed solutions that use humidity control and oxygen control to keep products in the freshest possible state, preserving and improving their quality.

Integra products are dependable and reliable due to decades of diligent research. They are trusted by industry-leading brands as the best humidity controllers.

Integra Specialty Products has been a market leader in the industry for over 29 years. A visit to a kale chip factory prompted the next big product… humidification for medical and recreational cannabis.

With Desiccare’s qualified engineers and scientists, they aimed to create a two-way humidity control system for cannabis, tobacco, and other household items that can be plant-based, salt-free, and follows food and pharmaceutical industry safety requirements.

Integra is proud to be the number-one brand in atmospheric control. They have grown into this position and they serve many industries and markets.

Even if you’re a retailer or a grower, Integra products will be the best option to keep your products fresh. Don’t you have an account? Access to all our prices requesting a wholesaler account here. 

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