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RAW Rolling Papers History – How a Small Store Become a Famous Brand

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Natural products often allow you to enjoy the best experience, whatever area of life you’re in. The founders of RAW know this, which is why they sell some of the best natural rolling papers and products in the world. This company has a growing presence on Simply Green, which is why you should know a bit more about its philosophy, history, and corporate strategy. From selling smoking papers to charity work, RAW is a brand that’s earned its place among the industry’s elite.

RAW Rolling Papers History

RAW, as a company, has been trading since 2005. However, the genesis of RAW goes back to 1993. Founder Josh Kesselman stumbled on the idea of creating all-natural rolling papers after smoking an additive-free cigarette. That chance event lit a fire inside of Kesselman. He sold everything he owned and set up a small smoke shop in Gainesville, Florida.

Fast-forward a few years to 1997, and Kesselman was making enough money to develop his own brands. It was this freedom to innovate that allowed him to build on the idea he had in 1993. By 2004, he’d invested $1 million in natural, unbleached hemp fibre that was to be the start of RAW. That initial product was a huge hit and, by 2005, RAW Natural Rolling Papers was born.

Today, the company is one of the leading names in the cannabis industry, and part of its rolling paper production is based in Alcoy, Spain. As well as selling some of the finest natural rolling papers in the world, RAW produces a plethora of products. From glass tips and wooden rolling trays to cone creators, you’ll find all manner of RAW items on Simply Green. And, just in case you need any more reason to check out what this company sells, RAW is so highly regarded that hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa dedicated a song to the brand.


What Products Does RAW Offer?

RAW specialises in natural, vegan-friendly rolling papers. For example, there’s the RAW Classic range, which has papers in a variety of sizes, including king-size slim, classic creaseless, and single wide. You can also try RAW Black and its organic hemp range for all of your rolling needs.

In addition to rolling papers, you can find the following RAW products on Simply Green:

Why is RAW Simply Green Approved?

RAW is Simply Green approved because of its dedication to quality and excellence. This company has been producing some of the best rolling papers in the business for more than a decade. Combine this with a social outlook that aims to make use of nature while giving something back, and RAW really is a brand you can respect.

With this in mind, here are three reasons you should try RAW smoking products:

It’s All Natural, Baby

RAW rolling paper is made from natural plants. This means every product is free of burn additives. What’s more, RAW papers are unrefined, which not only means they’re better than unbleached products but free of chalk, dyes, and genetically modified compounds.

Products for Vegan

Because RAW papers are made from natural materials, as well as free from chlorine bleach and other chemicals, they’re suitable for vegans. In fact, they’re not only suitable from a usage standpoint, but an ethical one. RAW doesn’t use anything more than it needs to make its products, and it certainly doesn’t harm animals.

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A Company that Gives Something Back

The final reason RAW rolling papers and products are popular with smokers, including vegans, is because this company gives back as much as it takes. Josh Kesselman put in $1 million to help develop his initial product because he believed in it. Now he’s putting his money into other worthy projects.

Using the motto “RAW Giving: All Human Life is Equal”, this company has helped build water wells in Ethiopia, funded orphanages in Indonesia, and donated to hurricane relief efforts around the world. RAW isn’t just a cannabis company that claims to be natural. It walks the walk. It produces high-quality products and reinvests money into the global community so that it can continue harnessing the power of nature for decades to come.

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