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Third-Party CBD Lab Testing: Why it is so Important

Written by
Hayden Kempton

Market Coordinator at Simply Green


The popularity of CBD products has grown exponentially over the past couple of years. What started as an alternative form of medication is now mainstream. According to Statista, the 2022 CBD sales in the United States alone are expected to reach 1.8 billion dollars – an all-time high. With newcomers looking to tap into this lucrative market, ensuring your customers consume safe CBD products is imperative.

Another report released by leafreport stated that 25% of CBD products are not tested for impurities and other harmful substances. Scary, right?

That is a fact that should be of concern to suppliers and shop owners when producing, wholesaling, and selling CBD products to the end consumer. Users are increasingly concerned about their health, especially in the case of controversial products such as those containing cannabinoids.

And here is where third-party CBD lab testing comes in to salvage the situation.

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Third-Party CBD Lab Testing: What it is and why it’s so important

Third-party CBD laboratory testing is the process of examination of products by a source that is not associated with the manufacturing brand and has no vested interest in the products. The organization will test to identify the exact elements in the products. Additionally, they will look for the presence of metals, herbicides, and other chemicals that may be detrimental to users, presenting accurate information without bias.
Most countries have laws that touch on the sale of CBD products, but do not classify them under controlled substances. In the cannabis industry, users knowing what they are consuming is imperative, further emphasizing the need for third-party CBD laboratory testing.

So, why is Third-party CBD laboratory testing important?

Here are vital causes why every manufacturer should take their products to an independent laboratory and have them run the necessary tests. Let’s delve into the specifics, so you can understand the importance of buying wholesale CBD products from trustable manufacturers.

1. Third-party CBD Laboratory Testing allows consumers to define the right amount of product

According to this report, a third-party testing exercise in the United Kingdom revealed that some CBD manufacturers indicated inaccurate information on the product labels. They exaggerated the information, stipulating CBD contents that were higher than what was in the products. In a more bizarre case, one product did not contain any CBD content.

Such incorrect information leads to underdosing. As a result, patients will not use the right amount of CBD they need to potentially achieve their desired benefits.

Also, with underdosing, the product might lose its efficacy, forcing the patient to look for an alternative solution.

However, with third-party CBD laboratory testing, manufacturers share accurate information with consumers, allowing them to take the correct dosage needed to achieve the potential benefits.

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2. It ensures toxin-free quality products

Third-party laboratories also check for substances that may adversely affect a consumer’s health.

These harmful substances include heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and cadmium – just to name a few. These metals can cause life-threatening conditions such as cancer, kidney dysfunction, and nervous system disorders, even in small amounts.

Additionally, since some hemp growers will use pesticides to accelerate growth and keep plant parasites at bay, it is only safe to ensure that none of the pesticides makes their way into the final product. So, third-party labs are keen on testing for pesticides that are hazardous when consumed.

3. It helps ascertain THC levels

Many people who seek CBD products want to enjoy their potential health benefits without experiencing the intoxicating effects of the hemp plant caused by THC.

To ensure this, most countries that have legalized CBD use require these products to have THC levels of 0.3% or less.

Independent laboratories will ascertain that the THC levels are within the recommended percentages, ensuring the safety of its users.

4. It helps CBD manufacturers gain a competitive advantage

As stated earlier, the increasing popularity of CBD is attracting a large number of entrepreneurs. It seems like manufacturers are launching new CBD products every crack of dawn.

As a manufacturer in the CBD industry, independent laboratories are a surefire way to establish your authority in an otherwise competitive market. Once your products are certified that they are fit for use, potential consumers will be more inclined to purchase from you. In addition, they will trust your brand, which translates to brand loyalty over time. Having premium quality wholesale CBD products in your store will assure you happy customers and will turn you into a reputable shop.

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Final thoughts about Third-party CBD Laboratory Testing

In an exponentially growing industry, like CBD, independent testing provides patients with the safety net they need to ensure risk-free CBD consumption. In addition, it is a crucial process that assures users of the authenticity of your trade items. Users can rest assured that their medications are up to standard, non-toxic, and contain the correct amount of cannabinoids as indicated on the label.

At Simply Green, we supply CBD products that have undergone testing at third-party laboratories. From tinctures to edibles, all products are from certified brands. Contact us today for more information.

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