CBD Isolate: Everything Vendors Need to Know

If you are a retailer selling CBD, cannabidiol, and hemp products to customers in Europe, one important product category to be aware of is CBD isolate. Wholesale CBD isolate is, as the name suggests, a pure, isolated form of CBD. It is CBD and little else, providing a super-concentrated product for people looking to maximize the intended benefits of their CBD therapy.

But what does CBD isolate actually mean in practice? How is CBD isolate made? Read our essential guide to CBD isolate to find out everything you need to know as a vendor. 

CBD Isolate Explained

CBD isolate is the most basic, essential form of the compound CBD, the non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid extract found in the cannabis plant. In other words, this is nothing but CBD. Most CBD isolate products will, therefore, not contain any additional terpenes, flavonoids, or cannabinoids (although this is possible, as we shall explain later).

CBD isolate is derived directly from the cannabis plant and then packaged for sale with very little alteration made to it. CBD isolate typically comes in a crystalline powder form, which is created by taking the hemp plant and stripping away all other substances, including other cannabinoids, oils, chlorophyll, and waxes.

CBD Isolate: Everything Vendors Need to Know

The power is the product of a complicated isolation and extraction process that the hemp plant is subjected to. Therefore, you can explain to your customers that CBD isolate is an all-natural ingredient that contains nothing but the good stuff.

To isolate the CBD, the plant is subject to twin processes of “winterisation” and “decarboxylation” to remove the waxes and lipids and convert the CBDA into CBD. It is then distilled several times over to remove any unwanted compounds or substances, before being washed. This is how CBD isolate is produced, should your customers ask. 

Again, it is important to note that CBD isolate has zero psychoactive effects, as there is virtually no THC present in the finished product. The goal of using CBD isolate is commonly related to health or wellness, rather than recreational purposes. Some CBD isolate products may contain very small amounts of THC, as long as they fit within the EU guidelines of 0.2% THC or less. However, THC at this amount will have no psychoactive effects whatsoever. 

Product Benefits of CBD Isolate

You or your customers might be wondering what the benefits are of CBD isolate, especially compared to other CBD products or cannabis products. Some of the main benefits of CBD isolate include: 


On a per-gram basis, CBD isolate is nearly always cheaper than all other CBD products on the market. For example, you could purchase 500mg worth of 99% CBD crystals and get more CBD for your buck than if you bought 10% strength CBD oil (which is considered strong). 

CBD Isolate: Everything Vendors Need to Know


When you have nothing but pure CBD in front of you, it is easy to measure out the exact quantity that is needed. Since some customers may report irritating side effects from using too much CBD, it can provide peace of mind to be able to measure out the exact amount of pure CBD they are using.

Zero THC

While THC is desirable for some people, others do not want to run the risk of using any THC. Some people don’t like the psychoactive effects of THC. By using pure CBD, there is no need to worry about this.

CBD Benefits, Distilled

The main benefit of CBD isolate is, of course, its strength. Pure CBD isolate is so strong that you only need to use a minuscule amount to get the desired effects. 

CBD Isolate: Everything Vendors Need to Know

CBD Isolate: Customer FAQs

We receive your questions and we try to answer them as clearly as possible, here are the answers to some of the questions you have asked us about CBD Isolate. Do you have questions regarding another CBD product? Ask us on Instagram! 

Q: Why is CBD isolate better than CBD oil drops?

CBD isolate is much stronger than CBD oil, meaning you need less quantity to reach the desired effect. It is also cheaper on a per-gram basis.

Q: Can I order mixed CBD isolates? 

Yes. You can buy all-pure CBD isolate or you can choose CBD isolate with added terpenes or flavonoids, if you wish. 

Q: Is CBD isolate safe?

Yes. CBD isolate is safe, natural, and legal. But it’s important to measure the quantity you or your customers will use to don’t have side effects.

Q: Does CBD isolate get you high? 

As mentioned above, CBD Isolate has no THC and if it does contain less than 0.2%, this amount is minimal and its use will not make you feel high.



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