Banana Kush Glass Pipe

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Going Bananas?

If your business is getting stagnant, make your customers go bananas — place an order for wholesale Banana Kush Glass Pipes at Simply Green. 

These pipes are made from scientific, lab-quality glass, called borosilicate.This highest quality raw glass type has been specifically engineered to withstand high temperatures and stand up to a variety of substances and chemicals without affecting the quality of the glass or its surface. 

The borosilicate glass typically consists of around 81% silicon dioxide (SiO2) and 13% boron trioxide (B2O3) with lesser concentrations of sodium oxide and aluminum oxide. The element Boron is what provides the glass with its dimensional stability so that the material doesn’t shrink or grow as the temperature to which it is exposed changes.

Great Conversation Starter; Steamroller Experience

Banana Kush Glass Pipes are around 6 inches, with curved tubing and color, and professionally kiln annealed, which makes them fit perfectly in the hand. This feature is likely to be a delightful  and discreet user- experience! 

The design for the fruit pipe is fully rounded with no flat spot, the shape of a ripe banana.  This makes it comfortable to handle, and a good conversation starter to bring to a party.  Customers will adore this pipe if they enjoy a steamroller experience, and want to add a unique piece to their collection.

Shop with us today! Get our wholesale Banana Kush Glass Pipes at special discount rates to give your customers the simplest relaxation in a fruity aesthetic. 

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