Best Buds Dab-All-Day Metal Grinder 4 Parts – 50mm (12pcs/display)

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Best Buds Dab-All-Day Metal Grinder 4 Parts - 50mm (12pcs/display)

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Best Buds

The Netherlands


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The Perfect Portable Accessory

When it comes to compact metal grinders, the Best Buds Dab-All-Day Metal Grinder is a force to be reckoned with. This premium four-part metal grinder is manufactured using durable metal material. You can, therefore, rest assured that your customers will enjoy years of unmatched grinding pleasure.

Smooth Grinder With Super Sharp Blades

With a few quick turns, this grinder will chop herb into a nice consistency without damaging the product. It features super-sharp diamond-shaped blades that cut herbs with maximum efficiency. The blades remain sharp and strong even after years of use.

The grinder also features neodymium magnets for secure closure. Most customers are worried about their product spilling during and after grinding, but this won’t be a problem with this grinder. The strong magnets ensure that it stays tightly closed during use and transportation.

Our wholesale Best Buds Dab-All-Day Metal Grinder comes with a stainless mesh that stops everything but the finest material from falling through. The ground herbs can then be collected from a carefully designed bottom compartment.

Grinding In Style

When it comes to design, this unit doesn’t fall short. The 4-Part metal grinder is constructed from durable metal, and it features a friction ring on the cap for smooth rotation. The ornate design and cartoon imprinted on the grinder’s magnetized lid will not fail to capture the attention of your customers. The grinder is also small enough to be slipped into any regular-sized pocked, and that makes it great for customers looking for something small for on-the-go grinding.

You can expect lots of positive reviews from this grinder. Order this unit for your customers who like grinding in style.


Weight 1,388 kg
Dimensions 18,5 × 24,5 × 4 cm

Best Buds






4 parts

Pieces per display

12 pieces



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