Best Buds – High Pizza Metal Ashtray

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A Creative And Interesting Design

The wholesale Best Buds – High Pizza Metal Ashtray is creatively designed to give your customers the bang for their buck when it comes to ashtrays.

The Best Buds – High Pizza Metal Ashtray is colored green and white. The vibrant hues serve as a backdrop for a bud enjoying a slice of pizza. The furious bud is holding a lighted joint in one hand. Below the bud, the words ‘Best Bud’ are prominently emblazoned in green.

This metal ashtray is made of eco-friendly materials that are tougher, easier to clean, and lightweight. This iconic tray will stand out in your store and in your customer’s collection.

Top features of this wholesale Best Buds – High Pizza Metal Ashtray:

Beautifully crafted metal ashtray using high-quality materials in a round shape. 

Measuring 14 × 14 × 2 cm and weighing 0.038kg. 

Simply wipe them with a damp cloth or rinse them effortlessly with minimal water and then dry them for fast and easy clean-up ashes inside.

Features the iconic best bud picture in the middle of the tray.

Can serve as both an ashtray and a rolling tray.

Brighten Up Your Store With This Awesome Ashtray


With this fantastic metal ashtray from Best Buds, you can increase your inventory while letting your customers brighten up their smoking environment. The ashtray can withstand everyday usage because it is made of durable metal. It contains slots for cigars, cigarettes, and other smokeables, and the Best Buds logo is printed on the front.

Get yours right away and begin selling.

Data Sheet

Weight 0,038 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 cm

Best Buds