Best Buds Superhigh Pineapple Express Large Metal Rolling Tray with Magnetic Grinder Card

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The rolling tray with curvy borders

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the Best Buds Rolling Tray is built to last and is an essential accessory for your customers.
There’s plenty of room to roll weed on this large metal rolling tray.

The wide size provides a stable base to prevent users from getting cannabis all over the floor, but just sizable enough to follow one anywhere. The polished steel finish is easy to clean, helping to keep a clean work area.

Best Bud’s Superhigh Pinneaple Express metal rolling tray is as smooth on the surface as they get but has curvy (raised) borders to keep all of your customer’s weed in one place. Purchase our wholesale best buds Superhigh Pinneaple Express large metal rolling trays for the quality and luxury it brings.

Great Designs Make The Difference

Take another look at that design, customers would want to steal these trays off your shelves. The best buds graphic in the middle and the beautiful color plays all around the tray are something to catch the customer’s eye.

Our best bud’s Superhigh Pinneaple Express rolling trays are without the magnetic grinder card. You might want to take a look at our magnetic grinder collection to find a good combo for your customers.

Each pack on display has a net weight of 0.153kg, and an ideal shelf size of 17 x 18 x 0.2 cm.

Data Sheet

Weight 0,176 kg
Dimensions 17,5 × 27,5 × 2 cm

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Tray size

Medium (18×28 cm)