Beuz Small Rolling Papers Ultra Thin (25pcs/display)

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Beuz Small Rolling Papers Ultra Thin (25pcs/display)

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Classic Rolling Papers For Your Classic Customers

If you have a customer base that is worried about the quality of their smoke and smoking accessories, then you need to acquire wholesale Beuz Small Rolling Papers Ultra Thin for your store. These rolling papers are of good combustible quality and will match the classic taste and style of your customers.

Beuz made these small rolling papers with keen attention to customers’ desires for top notch smoke accessories; from their packaging to look, feel, and quality. The Beuz rolling paper is made of materials that are especially resistant to the effects of humidity and water splashes and are non-sticky. They burn well in all weather conditions. As a result, when customers buy these wholesale Beuz Small Rolling Papers Ultra Thin from your store to roll their herbs by the beach or poolside, they do not have to worry about the combustion quality of the papers. Customers can have their favorite herb immediately after they come out of swimming pools or the ocean.

Besides being ideal for swimmers and beach campers, this product, like every other Beuz ultra-thin weed or cannabis rolling paper, does not react with customers’ skin. They are made from good and biofriendly combination materials (hemp, rice straw, and paper), therefore, instead of giving your customers a skin concern, they ease their relaxation.

More Rolling Papers for Everyone

In colorful display, each package of these wholesale Beuz Small Rolling Papers Ultra Thin contains 24 pieces of ultra-thin rolling papers. Customers can purchase them for nice relaxation plans with friends and colleagues. And of course, the package is self-advertising and will catch the eyes of your customers as they walk into your store.

Without much delay, you should acquire these top-quality and ultra-thin rolling papers from Beuz! They are one of the thinnest rolling papers available. Each piece of these rolling papers from Beuz burns excellently, their thinness ensures that your customers enjoy the whole flavor of their favorite dry herb. It almost always feels like the papers are not there.

Your business priority of delivering the best and quality smoking accessories for your customers is one step closer to reality with these wholesale Beuz Small Rolling Papers Ultra Thin in-store. Beuz rolling papers are of top quality and class. Enlist these rolling papers into your inventory today!


Weight 0,118 kg
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 3 cm


Pieces per display

25 pieces

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