BudKups Set of 3 Loaing Capsules for PAX 2 and PAX 3

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The No. 1 Accessory For Your Customers’ Vaporizer

You’re probably thinking of getting the wholesale BudKups Set of 3 Loaing Capsules for PAX 2 and PAX 3 for your store, or you already have those, and now you want accessories. Why don’t you say hello to the only loading capsules for PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers, the BudKups capsules? PS: If you don’t stock vaporizers yet, you should get some of ours now. These smart and convenient devices are what your customer needs to upgrade their smoking experience. So, we were introducing you to the best vaping accessory you need right now. The BudKups loading capsules will be a revolutionary addition to your customers’ vaporizers. These loading capsules make sure that your customers’ vaporizers stay clean and gunk-free by being a convenient way for them to pack their herbs.

The best part is that this product contains a set of three loading capsules, so customers do not need to worry about running out if they are on the move. They just have to fill all three capsules ahead of time, and voila! They get themselves a convenient and easy-to-carry herb reserve. This set of three loading capsules comes packaged with two BudKups removal tools so your customers can easily replace one capsule when the herb finishes. Isn’t that neat? Talking about neat, this product is a set of BudKup 3.0 capsules, and it’s got a lot of neat upgrades for your customers.

Experience Vaping The 3.0 Way

The BudKup 3.0 is an innovative upgrade to the original loading capsule design by BudKups. There are tons of reasons why your customers will absolutely love these capsules. These features help save the battery life of their vaporizers and improve the amount of vapor they can produce with every drag. First off, these capsules are bigger than before. This obviously means more herbs per capsule, but it also means more than that for your customers. Larger capsules represent a better fit in the PAX vaporizer, so it takes away any worry about spills or the capsule moving around in the vaporizer. A bigger size also means faster heating as the capsules are in more contact with the heating elements of your customers’ PAX vaporizer.

The BudKups 3.0 also has more airholes than previous versions. And more air holes mean more airflow, which equals more vapor for your customers. The cute finishing touch is that the lids to these capsules are easier to open, reflecting the amount of care the BudKups brand puts into designing these capsules.

Place an order for our wholesale BudKups Set of 3 Loading Capsules for PAX 2 and PAX 3 today at our crazy affordable prices.

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