Cannabis Airlines Cannabis Cookies Jar Mango Kush THC Free (400g)

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Cannabis Airlines Cannabis Cookies Jar Mango Kush THC Free (400g)

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A Perfect Cookie and Mango Blend That Satisfies

Surprisingly, sweet ago well and aromatic hemp go so well together! Who would have known! For every purchase and usage of this cookie, a perfectly fruity taste is what your customers are promised and will get when they purchase the wholesale Cannabis Airlines Cannabis Cookies Jar Mango Kush THC Free from you. These fantastic cookies are made from top-quality ingredients found in the baking industry in every cookie. The Cannabis Airlines brand keeps its consumers’ interests in mind while producing these treats. Your customers will be glad to be among them as they bite into these pastries. Our award-winning cookies are also high in fiber, packed with the choicest of hemp, and super tasty cookies. They are baked using only natural ingredients like wholemeal flour and cane sugar, making them a perfect snack to satisfy your customers’ munchies. These cookies contain hemp protein has an excellent nutritional profile. It packs essential amino acids, minerals, healthy fats, and fiber and helps fight fatigue. You can rest assured that this treatment will keep your customers healthy and super energetic all day long.

Every bite from this cookie leaves your customer with a sweet and crunchy taste in the mouth and a calming sensation. The delicious mango flavor and taste that this mango kush adds to the pastries will have your customer come back for more. It’s worthy to note also that this snack is free of THC. This simply means that the chemical that makes one be “high” has been carefully removed from this cookie, making it ideal for all types of customers you will have, both new users and seasoned ones alike. They will be blown away by the goodness found in this unique cookie too. These snacks are very suitable for your customers as they move around since they are THC free, hence no psychotic effect.
None of your customers will want to miss a bite of this treat, so always ensure you have enough for all of your customers by buying from us in wholesale quantity. The influx of people wanting more of this cookie will amaze you, as this treat is genuinely the real deal amongst cannabis cookies.

Packed With Love And Care

Packaging indeed speaks a lot about a product, and that is why this unique cookie is packed in a transparent jar filled with black medium snack packs themed with golden mango fruits. The pack sends an aura of boldness and class. It also gives customers the ability to see through the container, and everyone who buys from you is sure of what they are getting. Each snack inside is well wrapped in more miniature attractive packs making the snacks shareable among pals! Whether at a party, a get-together, a hangout with friends and colleagues, or just for personal consumption, this mango kush flavored goodness will add glam to the occasion. Your customers can also fit the mini snacks into their bags and purses: perfect for the go! Don’t deny your customers the chance to have this tasty goodness all to themselves.

Be sure to purchase our wholesale Cannabis Airlines Cannabis Cookies Jar Mango Kush THC Free (40g) from us today. Your profit margins will go through the roof with this affordable treat.


Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 13 cm

Cannabis Airlines

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THC Free

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