Cannabis Condoms Marijuana Flavoured (100condoms/pack)

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Discover The Next Level Of Sex And Cannabis

This is that product that no customer can dare to ignore. Weed in condoms? What cannabis fan won’t climb the Himalayas to get these? Cannadom has created their most intriguing product ever, the premium Cannabis-flavored condoms, which they say “smells and tastes like the real thing.” The inspiration to create marijuana-flavored condoms comes from the long history between cannabis and sex. According to the company’s official website: “Why not combine the two best things in life—weed, and sex.”

To wow your customers with the hottest green condoms on the market, purchase our wholesale Cannabis Condoms Marijuana Flavoured (100condoms/pack). Each pack on display has 100 cannabis condoms to go around.

Will The Cannabis Condoms Make You High?

These weed-green condoms will give your customers the unique, spicy, herbal taste and smell of weed, but they’re THC free. So no need to worry about the uncomfortable feeling of being high.

Does the cannabis flavor improve male sexual performance? Yeah! According to a study published by The American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeons, different fragrances had a noticeable effect on penile blood flow and male sexual desire. Let your customers elevate their orgasm with a contact high provided by wholesale Cannabis Condoms Marijuana Flavoured. These groovy condoms come with a cannabis flavor so intoxicatingly good they’re nearly impossible to resist.


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