Cannabis Green Tea Haze 250ml (24cans/masterbox)

Cannabis Green Tea Haze 250ml (24cans/masterbox)

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Cannabis Green Tea Haze 250ml (24cans/masterbox)
In stockAvailable

In stockAvailable

Additional information:

Weight 6,750 kg
Dimensions 33 × 21 × 13 cm
Pieces per display

24 pieces

Content (ml)





THC Free

Product description:

Two Heroes In One Can

The best superheroes work in teams. Even self-acclaimed loner Batman has Robin. So why won’t CBD find a teammate? Introducing the spectacular wholesale Cannabis Green Tea Haze 250ml, this drink is the perfect combination of two superpowers. Green tea and CBD. CBD has always been a wonder chemical, but when combined with green tea, the wonder goes up a notch or three. Your customers are in for a great treat with this one. Do you know how people drink green tea to feel zen? And how does CBD have potential anti-anxiety properties? Well, this drink adds up all that groovy energy from both sources and can give your customers the ultimate anti-anxiety tonic. This drink can help them feel relaxed and more at ease, taking their stress away and giving them clarity to get things done.

CBD on its own also has tons of possible health advantages that customers might benefit from. Research shows that it has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with pain management and anti-carcinogenic properties, and it might even help customers struggling with sleeping disorders. These benefits are not something your customers could resist, so be sure to get enough of this product for all of them. Green tea isn’t left behind in this health party. Studies have also shown that it has potent anti-inflammatory properties and helps with improving heart health. Talk about having it all. This drink is brimming with possible health benefits from every side!

Now is the time to place your order. Our discount pricing is the best you’ll find anywhere, and you can simply buy boxes of this product for a reduced price. Think of how much money you’ll be saving when you buy from us.

Simplistic Design On Every Can

The Haze brand that produced this product understood that less is usually more. The simple silver and grey coloring coupled with minimalistic fonts and design easily makes this drink eye candy for anyone. It has a simple yet unique design that makes it classier the more you look at it. Your customers will find it hard to resist getting packs of this drink for themselves. And they don’t need to worry about any adverse narcotic effects because there is none. This drink contains zero THC so that nothing can get in the way of your customers’ enjoyment. The lack of THC also makes it the perfect party drink because no one will be acting up when they take it. Customers are assured of a fun, relaxing experience when they host friends or family with this delightful product.

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