Cannabis lollipops Cream Chocolate THC free (100pcs/display)

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Cannabis lollipops Cream Chocolate THC free (100pcs/display)

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Everyone Loves Lollipops!

Lollipops have a way of de-stressing the mind when consumed. The same goes for the Cannabis-flavored Lollipops Cream Chocolate, your customers will definitely want to try them the moment they see them. The Cannabis Lollipops Cream Chocolate is delicious and melts slowly while releasing all nutrients into the body. The wholesale Cannabis lollipops Cream Chocolate comes in a display of 100 pieces each packed with the perfect amount of cannabis to provide the full benefits. They are covered in eye-catching wraps that will definitely draw the attention of window shoppers and indoor shoppers alike.

Purchase The THC Free Cream Chocolate Lollipop

Your customers will be thrilled to know that they can nibble on this succulent sweet without having to worry about getting any psychoactive effects. The lollipop is 100% free from THC. With each lick, they get to enjoy only the amazing taste and richness of the ingredients used in making this lollipop. Cream, chocolate, and cannabis flavors. What a combination! This is the definition of healthy, guilty pleasure.This product will be on the lips of your clients long after they have consumed it. Buy it in bulk now, you might be going out of stock sooner than you expected.


Weight 1,9 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 24 cm
Pieces per display

100 pieces




THC Free

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