Cannabis Lollipops Strawberry Haze Flavour Giftbox 10pcs (24packs/masterbox)

24 pieces
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In stockAvailable

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Lollipops Are Super Tasty

Multritrance’s cannabis lollipops with strawberry and haze flavor, are perhaps the tastiest ever. Combining strawberry Lollipops and the haze flavor is as smart as it gets when it comes to making the best edibles. Our wholesale Cannabis Lollipops Strawberry Haze Flavour Giftbox 10pcs is a perfect addition to your edible collection. A real delight to share with your customers, who will be happy to take these lollies off your shelves. An even better delight for you is our wholesale premium price for each gift box containing 24 packs of the tastiest lollipop.

These Lollies Aren’t Just Tasty…

The Strawberry Haze Flavour lollipops are made with pure cannabis oil aromas which benefit calming down the stress and anxiety. But they’re completely free from THC so no narcotic effects for your customers! While your customers enjoy the strawberry taste, they’ll get a subtle hint of haze for a healthy, soothing experience.

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24 pieces


THC Free