Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint Small Metal Grinder 4 Parts – 40mm (12pcs/display)

12 pieces
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Pretty and Practical Grinding

If you’ve been looking for the best grinder for your customers, then search no more because your answer is the Wholesale Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint grinder. This grinder will first capture your customer’s eyes with its outstanding and intricate dripping leaf design reminiscent of chocolate and cream drips. The elegant design bestows an original look on the grinders.

The next thing customers will love about this product is its practicality. This grinder can crush even the densest flowers with its four-part diamond teeth and 40mm diameter. Its 3.4cm by 4.0cm length and breadth is the perfect size to fit into small spaces like a purse and side bag.

It fits into customers’ hands well amidst its multi-functionality of grinding, sieving, collecting and protection. This makes for a smooth grinding and an eventually smoother rolling and smoking experience for your customers. The wholesale Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint grinder also has a small screen section that acts as a kief catcher. Kief is the trichomes of customers’ herbs with many uses that customers will appreciate. Having a kief catcher also means that your customers can choose how exactly they want to take their herbs, with or without the kief.

Because this product is made of aluminium, a durable metal not easily rusted or bent out of shape, this grinder will last through constant handling and jumbling around in bags. Of course, keeping it away from certain extreme conditions for long-lasting and optimal performance is wise. Still, it will not fumble or fail when encountering its first or second rodeo in less than ideal conditions. Your customers would love a dependable product like this.

Every Day Is A Party With These Grinders

There’s no denying that this wholesale Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint grinder gives serious party vibes, which will attract your customers. A party that they can bring with them wherever they go. What a delight! It comes with built-in storage so that the various chambers can be used to store different types of herbs in them.

Another great feature of these beauties is that they come packaged in a box that can also serve as a display for you. There is no need to start thinking about how to fit them on your store shelves.

Go ahead today and order bulk packages of wholesale Champ High Dripping Leaf Paint grinder at affordable prices and be rewarded with significant profit and customer fidelity.

Data Sheet

Weight 0,966 kg
Dimensions 15 × 19 × 4 cm

Champ High




4 parts


Green, Black



Pieces per display

12 pieces