Cibdol CBD Capsules with Vitamin D3 384mg (60 capsules)

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It Doesn’t Get Better Than With Some Vitamin D

The best part about waking up is seeing that morning sun and feeling its warmth. As the rays seep into our skin and rejuvenate our bones, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Our Wholesale Cibdol CBD Capsules with vitamin D3 have been designed to give your customers the potential effects of CBD alongside that refreshing Vitamin D3. Now, they can get that rejuvenation any time of the day or night. It comes as a soft gel capsule. So your customers get a power mash-up.

What Makes CBD and Vitamin D3 Go So Well Together

To explain this, we have to briefly explain CBD and vitamin D3 individually before showing you their bomb combination. Prepare as we give you a dive into our Wholesale Cibdol CBD Capsules with vitamin D3.

  • Cannabinoids: while they are derived from the cannabis plant, it doesn’t have the same properties as other cannabis extracts. The cannabis plant and its derivatives are used not just in the medical field, but also for recreation. One of its known attributes is the high it gives its users. But cannabinoids, on the other hand, although being an extract from the cannabis plant, does not give you a “high.” It does provide your customers with the potential health benefits offered by the cannabis plant, but with none of its side effects. Because of this, cannabinoids are being used these days to potentially treat various illnesses. The idea that it possesses the virtues of its parent without the vices makes it seem too good to be true. But fortunately, it is, and even more, it can be used for humans or animals.
  • Vitamin D3: This essential nutrient is obtained naturally when the sun comes in contact with our skin. It is vital in the development and maintenance of healthy bones through the regulation of calcium homeostasis. Vitamin D3 has also been associated with regulating neuromuscular inflammation and immune functions. Although it’s called vitamin D, it’s not a vitamin but rather a hormone; prohormone, to be exact. It performs various duties like in the treatment of calcium or phosphorus deficiency.

This brings us to our Wholesale Cibdol CBD Capsules with vitamin D3. The use of CBD capsules before a workout will provide better homeostasis, and adding a bit of vitamin D3 improves it even more.

Recreation is not the only aspect where CBD and vitamin D3 can be combined. However, athletes would appreciate this product the most. But with the effect of vitamin D3, the effectiveness of cannabinoids in potentially treating illnesses is doubled.

For example, CBD is being used more frequently in treating arthritis. Put in some vitamin D3, and you have a powerful force to reckon with, which has been made more versatile and can be used to treat other ailments. This is the result that happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object; they combine to become an unstoppable object.
The range is doubled alongside its potency. This product takes us closer to the future.

Get your customers the product they desire. Our Wholesale Cibdol CBD Capsules with vitamin D3 will give your customer the customer satisfaction everyone keeps on talking about. You keep your customers happy while racking in profits; that’s a win-win situation. Get this product from us now, and we assure you that you won’t regret it.


Olive Oil, hemp extract, terpenes. Capsule: gelatin (bovine), glycerine, water.

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