Combie All-In-One pocket grinder – Maori (10pcs/display)

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The Ideal Daily Grinder

Your customers will love the convenience and portability of a grinder that allows them to relax on the go. The Combie is small enough that users can carry it anywhere without fear of spilling loose herbs or having sticky resin on their hands. 

Because of its small size and lightweight design, your customers can easily carry the wholesale Combie All-In-One pocket grinder – Maori (10pcs/display) in their pockets or purse while still having enough space to store the quantity of herbs to last them through the day.

This Maori pocket grinder will help your customers swiftly and efficiently grind their herbs with no stress. Nothing is more convenient than your customers keeping their herbs, grinder, papers, and filters in one durable, pocket-sized accessory. They can also store herbs in a single compartment, grind them up without removing any lids or partitions, and enjoy the results.

Product Features

Durable and pocket-sized accessory 

Large compartment for the right size of herb fill

Contains a compartment for an all-natural King-Size rolling paper

Comes with toxin-free cardboard filters

Built-in scraper ensures that the chamber is clean after each use

Lets your customer relax on the go

Simple, versatile, and flexible

Revolutionize Relaxation With More Than a Grinder

Even after a long day at work, the Combie will make it simple for your customers to unwind with a potent relaxation session. An accessory like this is sure to never linger on your shelves for long. The simplicity to use, coupled with the 6-in-1 versatile flexibility is excellent for all of your customers’ grinding requirements.

Furthermore, your users may enjoy this roll-up kit because It has a small grinder with storage compartments on one side and a mixing tray. There is a storage compartment for an all-natural King-Size rolling paper with toxin-free cardboard filters on the back. The teeth on the grinder are constructed of metal and are strong enough to ground any herb. They are also sharp enough to chop, crush, and shred herbs, spices, and nuts into powder-like particles.

The built-in scraper ensures that the chamber is clean after each use, so your aromatic herbs have the most outstanding flavors.  The Combie is made of strong plastic, making it highly durable for long-term use. The sturdy design makes it simple to grind even the toughest herbs, and its small size allows it to fit easily into bags or purses.

Revolutionize your customers’ relaxation experience by adding our wholesale Combie All-In-One pocket grinder – Maori (10pcs/display) to your shopping cart. Each pack contains 10 pocket grinders per display.

Data Sheet

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Pieces per display

10 pieces